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DIY (Do It Yourself) Baseball Infield as a Centerpiece Base

This How-To shows you how to make an infield base to anchor your baseball centerpiece for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, theme wedding party, sports theme event, corporate event, etc. Indoor/outdoor grass carpeting covers the infield, baseball bases and baseball...
Views 3755 | Rating 25 | Comments 1| Date Feb 14, 2008

How to slide the tandem axles on a semi truck

The positions of the axles are important for a professional truck driver to understand if he or she wants to safely and legally haul a load. Many semi trucks have sliding tandem axles that are mounted directly on the frame rails under the trailer. When the...
Views 1767 | Rating 6 | Comments 1| Date Feb 23, 2008

How to enhance and improve food flavor

Because taste is such an individual thing, one secret to good cooking is variety. We can all become deadened to taste if we don’t have surprise flavors in our everyday food to add some zip. Take any or all of these ideas and keep them handy in your kitchen....
Views 1067 | Rating 1 | Comments 1| Date Feb 27, 2008

How to make Beef Wellington with a bordelaise sauce

Beef Wellington conjures up images of the famous nineteenth-century English general, the vanquisher of Napoleon, and later, his nation's prime minister. Strangely, references to this dish are hard to find in British cookbooks. However, it seems likely that...
Views 1286 | Rating 1 | Comments 1| Date Feb 29, 2008

How to eat a whole fish

Once you master this easily learned craft, you’ll love eating whole fish at the table.
Views 1171 | Rating -2 | Comments 1| Date Mar 1, 2008

How to make broiled halibut steaks

Halibut is one of the finest eating of any fish in the world. It’s meat is firm and flaky when cooked, and has a delicate flavor that will please anyone. It comes to the market weighing anywhere from 25 to 300 pounds. From the largest fish, steaks are out...
Views 1432 | Rating 4 | Comments 1| Date Mar 3, 2008

How to Make Recycled Candles

Making your own candles can be very rewarding and easy to do. You can make them from recycled materials for fast, easy, economical, and earth friendly options!
Views 1117 | Rating 4 | Comments 1| Date Mar 3, 2008

How to make chocolate cream pie

This is an update of a traditional American favorite, even more chocolaty than you remember because the shell is painted with chocolate before the filling goes in. Serves 10.
Views 1154 | Rating 1 | Comments 1| Date Mar 9, 2008

How to make Greek lamb stew with artichokes and orzo

Cooking this fabulous, subtle stew with bone-in lamb adds more to its flavor. This Greek lamb stew is finished off with the classic Mediterranean sauce, Avgolemono, which thickens with eggs and lemon mixed into the broth. Using the Dutch oven is the best...
Views 1259 | Rating 0 | Comments 1| Date Mar 9, 2008

How to make Pate Maison

Nearly every top restaurant has its own version of Pate Maison, or “House Specialty.” Pate is a meat loaf with a difference. For one thing, though both are made with ground and cooked meat, pate is served cold or at room temperature. More importantly,...
Views 1168 | Rating 0 | Comments 1| Date Mar 11, 2008

Becoming an Early Riser

Early rising has long been said to help make a person more productive. However, it is easier said then done for those of us that are lifestyle night owls or who spend too much time doing this and that and not enough sleeping.
Views 782 | Rating 1 | Comments 1| Date Mar 16, 2008

How to educate a child with ADHD

In the past, kids with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) were seen as the misunderstood problem students in school. Today, while the causes are not readily known, there have been many advances in the understanding and diagnosing of children and...
Views 1742 | Rating 22 | Comments 1| Date Mar 19, 2008

Wheat grass juice, the panacea on earth!

Wheat grass juice has brought back dieing patients from the jaws of death. It is the ultimate remedy for many illnesses. Third stage cancers, anaemias, infectious diseases and almost all diseases have been cured by it. The therapy can be done anybody at home...
Views 990 | Rating 4 | Comments 1| Date Mar 21, 2008

How to Choose a VoIP provider

The concept of making phone calls over the internet for less than a traditional phone service is very exciting to me. As soon as the technology was seasoned, because initially there was zero 911 service, I started looking into different companies. With trial...
Views 852 | Rating -1 | Comments 1| Date Mar 21, 2008

Parenting After Adult Relationships End

Relationships end. Although the resulting emotions are normal, too often the pain, anger, sense of betrayal, and rejection felt by the adults spills over into a desire to strike back. Reaction, driven by raw emotion, replaces rational thought. Unfortunately,...
Views 957 | Rating 1 | Comments 1| Date Mar 26, 2008