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How to create a dragon from a lizard in photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn to create your own dragon in photoshop. this dragon is created using only 2 images, one image of lizard and other image of bat. Even if you are not very good in photoshop you can create this photo manipulation.
Views 1285 | Rating 3 | Comments 0| Date Aug 22, 2010

Partition your Hard Drive with Windows XP

Partitioning a hard drive is a fairly simple operation with the utility tool already installed on Windows XP. However, if you have difficulty finding the desktop on your computer, you'll want to leave this job to someone with a little more experience.
Views 1121 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date Mar 19, 2008

How to Get Rich in Runescape A Non-members Guide

Want to make millions of gold pieces in Runescape and don't know how? Here's a free guide!
Views 1078 | Rating 0 | Comments 1| Date May 22, 2010

How to enhance your Integrated Video Card

This Tutorial is explaining how to use some simple software and Tweaks to enhance performance of your Intel Integrated Video card and make it run games it never ran before...
Views 986 | Rating -5 | Comments 0| Date Feb 7, 2009

Introducing Ruby to PHP developers

Ever since Ruby on Rails became popular, the Ruby programming language has become increasingly popular in the world of web development. If you have prior experience with Python or similar languages, it won't take long until you grasp the basics of Ruby. When...
Views 963 | Rating 2 | Comments 0| Date Jan 3, 2012

Install WINXP Clean from lan

In this Tutorial I will Show you, Step-by-Step how to install WinXP from A Lan network, assuming you are trying to install WinXP on a PC without CD/DVD Drive, or usb. Requirements: *Windows XP Installation Disk(s)(Home, Premium, ╬Ultimate) *Lan...
Views 961 | Rating 2 | Comments 0| Date May 22, 2010

Programming in glut lesson 1

My first tutorial on how to program using the opengl utility library AKA glut.
Views 960 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date Apr 26, 2008

How To Defrag A Computer in Vista

This is a step by step instructions on how to defrag your computer using Microsoft vista. It's no longer as simple as in XP and previous versions.
Views 952 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date Mar 1, 2008

Maplestory Magician Guide

The guide through the first job for mages
Views 898 | Rating 12 | Comments 0| Date Aug 20, 2008

How to create a free online radio station.

How to create and broadcast a free internet radio station using Sam Broadcaster 4. (I'll tell you how to download it).
Views 892 | Rating 2 | Comments 0| Date Feb 7, 2009

Flash CS3 - Basics

This tutorial is meant for those new to flash and would like to use it but do not know how. It assumes no prior knowledge to knowing anything in flash. So if you don't know flash is and would like too, then read on!
Views 890 | Rating 5 | Comments 1| Date Apr 26, 2008

How to start programing with Java/Eclipse

This tutorial will teach you the basics in how to get started programing using a combination of Java and Eclipse. It will show exactly what you need to download, and also how to begin a new project.
Views 837 | Rating 2 | Comments 1| Date May 22, 2010


How to turn any photo into a 2 color one.
Views 825 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date May 13, 2008

How to Choose the Right Computer For You

Finding the right computer is almost as hard as house hunting or car hunting. There are so many variations and possibilities, it’s easy to get lost and frustrated. Let’s find out how you can find the right computer for your needs.
Views 789 | Rating -1 | Comments 0| Date Feb 14, 2008

How To Create Folders In The Quick Launch Toolbar

Use this tutorial to create folders in your quick launch toolbar, for easy access to your most used programs!
Views 784 | Rating 2 | Comments 0| Date Aug 10, 2007