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How to apply liquid foundation properly

Stop making yourself look like a clown! It isn't rocket science, and with these tips and tricks to applying foundation, you will have yourself looking airbrushed in no time flat! Actual time it takes: 7-10 minutes
Views 794 | Rating 2 | Comments 0| Date May 22, 2010

How to Tie a Tie

Correct way to tie a windsor knot
Views 733 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date Feb 7, 2009

How to do a fashion sketch with tutle neck in a using Adobe illustrator

This tutorial explains how to make a rib turtle neck in a fashion sketch.
Views 2107 | Rating 9 | Comments 2| Date Jan 27, 2009

How to stay professional looking on a budget

Many people work in professional settings, but don’t always get paid the professional pay that they deserve. In my profession, as a Day Plan Coordinator, I attend meetings and meet with families and am required to wear business-casual outfits. Yet, the...
Views 736 | Rating 2 | Comments 0| Date May 20, 2008

How to wear an Indian Dhoti

A dhoti is a traditional lower garment used by Indians since time immemorial .
Views 3076 | Rating -4 | Comments 0| Date May 5, 2008

How to wear a saree

A saree consists of three parts. Petticoat: An underskirt hanging from the waist Blouse:Upper garment like a half-sleeve shirt Sari:This is a very long strip of unstitched cloth, ranging from four to nine metres in length, which can be draped in...
Views 1229 | Rating -3 | Comments 0| Date May 5, 2008

How To Achieve natural-Looking Makeup in Just 5 Steps!

Do you want to have beautiful, natural looking makeup that brings out your natural good looks? Follow this tutorial, and you can!
Views 760 | Rating 1 | Comments 0| Date Apr 24, 2008

3 Meditation techniques-To lead a relaxed and joyful life!

Meditation is bane for all stress. Through meditaion one discovers his true identity. Many think meditation is a way to control thoughts. Meditation had been practised by our ancestors, thousands of years back so they could raise the consciousness and lead a...
Views 2105 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date Mar 24, 2008