How this Works

First, you need to create an account with us. This involves providing us with basic information like your email and name. We take your privacy very seriously and don’t share this information with others.

After sign up, we also have you register with Google’s advertising program, AdSense.

As you know, we split advertisement revenue 50-50 with you. This is all done through Google. All the advertisements that will be placed throughout your tutorials come directly from Google. Google splits the ad revenue and handles all your financial information. They send us half, and they send you half. This costs you nothing, and involves no obligation. We never see or handle your financial information in the process. All finances are handled by one of the largest companies in the United States, Google, Inc!

After you create an account, write an interesting tutorial (preferably with pictures documenting each step), and submit it for approval. We’ll read your tutorial, make sure it’s up to our quality standards, and approve it. Once approved, your tutorial will have its very own page on You can submit as many tutorials as you like!

Once live, each of your tutorials will have Google advertisements unobtrusively placed within. These ads are “pay per click.” That is, if someone finds your tutorial and clicks on one of the ads, you get paid.

You will be able to check your earnings from your Google AdSense account (that you create during sign up) anytime you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden charges?

No, TutorialTub is absolutely free. Signing up and submitting tutorials costs you nothing.

Is there a limit to how many tutorials I can submit?

No, as long as they are of good quality.

What defines a tutorial as a “good quality” one?

Tutorials should be interesting to read, decent length, original, etc. It helps greatly if you include pictures of each step (if your tutorial allows for it).

What can my tutorials be about?

You can write about anything within reason.

Who hosts the images of my tutorials?

We provide all the hosting free of charge.

Can I submit tutorials that are not my own?

No, this is strictly forbidden and will lead to your tutorials being removed and you banned from this website.

Can I submit original tutorials that I’ve posted on other websites?

As long as you still own the rights to it, you can

Can I click on the ads in my own tutorials?

No. This is considered fraudulent activity by Google and will lead to your ban from their program. 

What kind of ads will my tutorials have?

Google provides ads that are relevant to the content of the tutorial. So a tutorial about vacationing in Ireland may have advertisements for travel sites.

Who does the actual revenue splitting?

This is handled by Google. All the ad revenue from this website is sent directly to Google. They split it, send you half, and send us half. We never touch your portion, nor see your financial information.

Is signing up for Google’s AdSense program absolutely free?

Yes, and it involves no obligation.

Who sends my payments and keeps my address and tax information?

Google, Inc.

When does Google pay me?

What if I already have a Google AdSense account?

You will need to “link” your AdSense account with our website (we walk you through this during sign up). This allows you to receive a 50% share of the revenue your tutorials generate. Note that revenue will only be split for tutorials on this website. Your funds from other websites won’t be touched.

Still have a question? Feel free to contact us: