3 Tips for Self Confidence - So you can own every moment you live!

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The difference is an assertive person may not be self-confident but a self-confident person is always assertive


Self confidence is the most valued comodity seen in a person. If a person is self-confident then he or she can fit in any field of work. A self-confident should not be mistaken with assertiveness. The difference is an assertive person may not be self-confident but a self-confident person is always assertive. So It's most important that a person has self-confidence first followed by other qualitites. It's a fact that all the top jobs with high pay, public relation jobs, managerial jobs are given to a person having high self-confident. These days a person with basic skills but high self-confidence has and edge over little high skilled but underconfident person. A self-confident person can get fitted in any relevant job but an underconfident person cannot.

Self-confidence starts developing at young age. Parents have a huge influence on the child's confidence. Introvert parents tend to have less confident children but this can change in adult age. I have seen many under confident children become highly self-confident in puberty. The reason can be harmonal changes, maturity and wisdom. An introvert person may also be confident but in his own way. And an extrovert be underconfident as well. A person's education plays an important role in developing his self-confidence. But I have seen less educated people also become confident later. The problem is not in education, knowledge or skill but the energy levels of a person. A person who has "enthusiasm" in whatever work he does is always confident. So a happy person is always confident. Ways to be happy every moment also help in getting self-confidence.

Self-confidence and enthusiasm go hand in hand. A person working from the heart always will be self-confident, enthusiastic, joyful, charismatic, authentic, original, positive, emotional and always correct. Yes, heart never lies. These are the qualitites that are seen on a person working from the heart so a person cannot fake them, they automatically come. So how should one work from the heart? The secret is - The first voice that comes from inside you is always from the heart. The mind then takes over and then you are controlled by the mind. So that's why people who are spontaneous are more emotionally strong, and connect by heart with others than mind (logic).


Self-Confidence tips!


  • Self confidence is directly influenced by the thoughts. The less thoughts you get the more self confident you are. It doesn't matter whether the thoughts are negative or positive. So techniques which take you to a thoughtless zone are useful. 1) Fast breathing technique is well known, it makes you free from the mind for a couple of second. It also increases your oxygen supply to your brain so you feel charged up. Fast breathing can be done by sitting comfortably, with spine erect Taking your hands up and forcefully exhalling bringing the hands down and then taking them up again as you inhale totally. Repeat 10-15 times. This should be done slowly first then as fast as possible later.
  • Your body posture determine your self confidence. Each person is sending vibrations through his or her body. A self confident person also gives out vibrations which act as a marketing tool. So the posture is very important in having self-confidence. Posture includes, erect spine, stretching as many muscles as possible, shoulders slightly back, equal weight on both feet and smile on the face, eye contact and touch. That's it. You need nothing else for getting self confidence. To maintain this posture do the following exercises. Stand, keeping equal pressure on both feet. Take your right heel and place it on your left thigh, maintain your blalance. Now take your hands up straight, with your arms touching your ears and touch the fingers, like a pillar. Slowly exhale and inhale totally twice. Second exercise is just change the positions of the hands as they are in the first exercise to your right hand coming from above the shoulder and meeting the left hand behind your back. everything else remains same as with the first exercise.
  • Right attitude is very important in gaining self-confidence. As the old saying goes - "Those who follow others are never followed by others". So leaders get self confidence as a by product. Believing in yourself and your instincts than others, Making your own independent decisions and willing to pay price for them smilingly, Following your own path by being authentic, Having loads of self-esteem, Little care for "what will people say" and doing what your heart wants to do are some the qualitites which make you self-confident. One should use your mind as a tool but always follow your heart.


So remember in life only owners are happy, those who work for others only get temporary happiness. So that's why freelancers are more happy unless you are ofcourse highly skilled or highly self-confident.

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