A Girl's Guide ~ How to Earn His Respect!

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Most things in a relationship come naturally, think about it, love, affection, care, you name it. Respect, however, has to be earned, and us girls, we know just how to do it!


So you have actually bagged yourself a prized bullock, and of course he loves you loads - how could he not? You are a gift to mankind, not to mention you positively are a little panther in bed. How do you now, get his respect? Like the song says,

"R-E-S-PE-C-T find out what it means to me," follow these 5 simple rules and he will, in no time.

1. It's about the look. Never let him see you drunk. The next time you go out with your friends and one of them gets absolutely, mindlessly drunk, have a good look at her. Unattractive? Unpleasant? Irritating when intoxicated? Is this you, and the kind of vision your man sees when he fantasizes about you? If you think your mate looked bad, try seeing her when she gets up the next morning. Sexy? Not!

Your man should be able to look at you and not remember the babbling fool who could control neither tongue or limb when he gazes upon your awesome face.

2. It's about a book. Join a library, even if you never read any of the books. Libraries are free and just the thought of you visiting one, makes him sit up and take notice as to why such an intelligent babe like you want to go out with him. Besides, it won't do any harm to read a few books. After all, think of all the clutter it would create if you had to actually buy books.

Libraries are good places to chill, and reading opens your imaginations to unlimited knowledge up for the taking. If you are single and looking, the library is the perfect place to meet an intelligent type. (If that's your taste.)

Your man should see you reading. It pays dividends when you know answers he doesn't, and you improve your mind at the same time. It's win - win all the way.

3. Sadly, it's about a cook. There is an ancient saying, "the way to a man's heart..." see, you know it! Demonstrate that you have different interests, hopelessness at house-hold chores is so nineties and is no longer considered cute.

Whenever my male friends boast about their girlfriends, it's mostly about how well she can cook. Not how well she dresses, not how pretty she is, not her cup size. And girl, if the relationship should head down the drain, you are the one he will always remember as the one who got away; you knew how to satisfy the strongest of his urges - no not that you minx - eating! And boy you did it well (when you could be bothered).

4. It's about the care for the planet. For example, take a bag with you when you go food shopping. Most supermarkets sell fashionable, but cheap oversized handbags (if you don't do plastic). Let him see that you are doing your part to save our planet. Walk sometimes if you can, get him to walk with you and show him that even though you are funny and spontaneous, you have strong intelligent and spiritual aspects to your rich personality.

It's not wrong to start doing this simply to impress him, (and it will), so don't feel too guilty to work it. Pretty soon, you will begin to believe it for yourself and who knows, you may be able to drag your mates along as well.

5. How can it not be about ‘share'. It takes someone really special, someone deserving of respect, to give to people they don't know, and may never meet. Your man knows you as a hot, fit, well-dressed, independent woman. Let him discover you all over again when he finds out that you support a good cause. There is no better way to spell respect than this. Again, don't feel guilty if at first you don't feel deeply about it. A thing so profound and selfless doesn't take long to have an effect on its benefactor.

Most things in a relationship come naturally, think about it, love, affection, care, you name it. Respect, however, has to be earned, and us girls, we know just how to do it!

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