Basic Tutorial for Modeling a Car in 3ds Max for Beginners

moart Feb 23, 2009 Cars
This tutorial will take you on a step by step easy modeling, to create the car you had always desired to model and pimp.


You will need :

1-Software: 3ds max 7-9
2-vray for rendering in the advanced section that will come after this tutorial on rendering, you don't need it until then, you can work with the standard scan line render software that comes with 3dsmax.
3-Basic knowledge of 3ds max, Photoshop.

This tutorial will teach you a step by step modeling of the Lamborghini Gallardo, it is advised to start with an easier car for beginners like an old Honda civic. Any thing that is boxy shaped until you get a hand of it, and to get familiarized with the software tools and options.

Firstly, you start by setting up your blue prints, you will need to download a blue print of the car your modeling.
Make sure its ticked in all sides, front back side and top.
I am going to be modeling this car.

open photo shop cs3..and open you Gallardo blue print

start by selecting each side of the blue print exac as in the picture, then crop it and save it , top.jpg, and so on.

do the same for the rest of the views..and you should have 4 pictures ready to use for your 3d model..

Open 3ds max, and creat a plane in each view, like the picture below..


drag the pictures to the plane that fits them and make the size of the plane the same as the size of the picture

after finishing with all these steps you are now ready to model,

start by a plane on the side view of the car, make sure it has 1 lenght and width segs,

right click on the plane u created in the side view, convert it to an editable poly

then select the edges of the plane.. and shift(keyboard)hold and drag on each side



continue to do so till the finish of the car side

 now for creating organic shaped you will need to pull in the verticies inside or out side depending on the shape,,,next

 creat a shape that look like the white 1 in the picture by pulling the edges to the side

using the top view port , the shape shoud look like this when your done.


i did not post extra pictures and in detail stuff, so that you can learn and experience every thing your self, because i believe you just need a push, and you can do the rest, just like me, how ever here are some usefull tips iv learned whiles using 3ds max

for creating sharp edges click on the edges desired and use the chamfer tool under the edit edges, and the closer the edges are together, the more sharper and clear the edge is. extruding is a very usefull tool to pull faces back or front to creat vents in the car.

my final product using vray.

my final products were rendered using standard vray

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Yeah Right on Oct 2, 2018
Who posts half a tutorial? Person probably did not make the models posted...hence the lack of completion.
bruh on Dec 18, 2017
man this suck it bad donjt like
hasitha on Mar 16, 2013
very good tutorial, thank you
3dss on Dec 8, 2012
I Appreciate u r work Sir nice Output bu tell us step by step make us to learn Thank You
shipe on Dec 5, 2012
what the hell is this? fucked up tutorial. nothing clear and spelling mistakes. first go and learn.
eddi on Dec 2, 2012
Who have atleast the basic knowledge of it seem this tutorial to be good.....There is nothing more to do after 4th for gud Vray tutorials to master it....
tera bap on Jul 19, 2012
kya bakarchodi hai yar........
gokul on Jul 19, 2012
saber on Jul 5, 2012
very bad tutorial
Gayan on Jun 29, 2012
This is not a complete tutorial
qwerty on Jun 6, 2012
Lura ka baal..kay matherchor wala tutorial hai. Laura tutorial ke naam par mazak kar raha hai...
Naveen on May 17, 2012
vary bad tutorial vary bad
pietter pids on Mar 30, 2012
very good tutorial friends, maybe this will help me a little. GBU
Naveen on Oct 21, 2011
bad tutorial
dannyg on Aug 17, 2011
rubbish turorial, click ahift and drag, i have done all of the that and i still cant get my car to extrude from the plane
Jazza on Jul 22, 2011
all the detailed tutorials leave you without creativity, hes telling you the basic concept of creating the car, and then u spend the time doing it :) good tut
mohammad on Jul 15, 2011
I can not download pictures from that site
Khalid Bashir on Mar 25, 2011
nice , but no detail
babaji on Aug 9, 2010
very bad tutorial i dont like this please explain in detail
jackson on Apr 2, 2009
very nice tutorial, was really helpfull,i guess i can start modelling my own car :D
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