Bass Fishing with soft plastics

jamesh23 May 22, 2010 Hobbies
soft plastic lures can be deadly on bass, if your like me, you figured they would never work, well they do. Read on to learn how to nail huge bass from shore and from a boat!

Alright enough talk, lets get down to it. If you like to fish, whether you do it for a living, everyday, or just on the weekends. You can learn to catch more fish, and bigger fish with the tips I am about to share with you. First you must LOCATE the fish

 Bass love areas with cover such as logs, trees, cattails, brush, anything that has been submerged under water will attract them. When your choosing your spot to fish, pick a place with cover around you, but not so much as to where you get snagged all the time and spend more time changing your line than you do fishing, unless of course you rig your worm or lure how im about to mention in a little while.

The Texas Rig is basically where you stick the hook in the head of the worm and out one side, dont go to far down though probably about 1/4" slide the worm up the hook and turn it around. Then slide the hook in the back of the worm as to where its not showing but there is only a thin layer of plastic above the hook. This makes the worm weedless. You will also place a small worm head sinker on your line, the sinker should be free to slide up and down the line, this makes the worm do a diving motion on the bottom of the lake. Which will entice hungry bass to strike.

Alright on to the lure, they make plastic worms that range usually from 4" to 12" for bass, most people will use a 4/0 offset shank worm hook and texas rig the worm. If you texas rig it, the worm becomes virtually weedless and you can drag it over any kind of cover whether its moss, rocks, sand, weeds, trees, and it will not get snagged! no more lost lures, only downset is that you must set the hook harder. While fishing these worms cast out, let the lure settle on the bottom, and begin slowly reeling and "hopping the worm" off the ground. Do this by moving your pole tip up or sideways about 8" but make sure to let the worm settle back on the lake bottom so it looks more realistic to the fish. When you feel a strike, and you will. Make sure to lower the rod, reel up the slack and set the hook hard! and hold on for the fight of a lifetime because you may have just caught a state record! take a picture and either let it go to fight another day or take him home and cook it up to eat.


So good luck fishing and catch the big ones, many lures will work for bass but the worm is a proven way to catch bass over and over again, and BIG BASS AT THAT! Have fun and remember "a bad day fishing is better than a good day workin"

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