Becoming an Early Riser

aidenofthetower Mar 16, 2008 Health
Early rising has long been said to help make a person more productive. However, it is easier said then done for those of us that are lifestyle night owls or who spend too much time doing this and that and not enough sleeping.

Becoming an early riser can make a world of difference in your productivity, personal life, and business life. There are a number of studies that show that getting up earlier is better for us in so many ways. But if you are like me, you struggle to make that a habit in your life. Night life and staying up till others would be getting up early is so much easier. But, you too can become an early riser and make your days more productive.

  1. Skip out on the night life. As we get older and more tied down our night life switches from parties, bars, and other out sort of activities to a little bit of reading, time in front of the TV, video games, or fooling around online. It is important that we skip these activities. They encourage us to think, which is not good for falling asleep. Plus the TV and computer put of lights that make our brains think that it is daylight. Making it harder to sleep.
  2. Go to bed when you are tired. It is easy to think that we should go to bed earlier if we are getting up earlier, but this only makes us have a bad nights sleep. It is best if we go to bed when we are tired and not try to force ourselves into getting to sleep earlier.
  3. Set a bed time routine. Sure, most of us think that bed time routines are for our kids and not ourselves. But bed time routines tell our minds and bodies that it is time to go to sleep. Plus you can do this in the half an hour before bed where you aren't reading, watching TV, or playing on the compuer. You can include a shower, getting into night clothes, and brushing your teeth in your nightly routine.
  4. Don't hit the snooze. It is easy to hit that snooze button, but it really isn't good for us. We should avoid it and instead get up when the alarm rings. Hitting the snooze makes us more tired and even grumpy when we get up. On a similar note, if you wake up and see it is almost time to get up, don't try to go back to sleep, just get up. Trying to go back to sleep makes it so you will be in the middle of sleep when the alarm rings. You will feel a lot better if you get up when it is time to get up.
  5. Start a morning routine. A morning routine will let your brain auto piolit through the start of your day, but it will also tell your brain it is time to get up and be productive. You can include a shower, brushing your teeth, shaving, make up, and breakfast in the start of your day to help get you on your way to a more productive life. 
A more productive life could be just around the corner. All you need is a touch of work and a bit of routine. You can be an early riser as well!
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AMae on Mar 20, 2008
yes yes. i also suggest calculating your hours in bed, if you're an adult you can't let it exceed 7 hours (some people even insist that 4 hours of restful sleep is good enough). if you know you've already had 7hrs of sleep then there's no need to stay in bed any later than that. if you went to bed at 12 midnight, wake up at 7am
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