Cane Pole Fishing

CarlBenjamin Apr 25, 2008 Sports
One of the oldest and best ways to fish is with a cane pole.

Norman Rockwell used many of his famous pictures with that of a young boy and his cane pole.  The very first fishing pole that I had was a cane pole.  It is the tool that I used to learn how to fish as a young boy.

A cane pole is actually a bamboo pole.  The length on a pole can go from 6 to 16 feet.  A line that is about the same length of the pole itself is tied on the thiner end of the pole.  It is usually tied in two places.  The first is behind the next to last ring on a bamboo pole and the final tie is on the end of the pole.  This helps to secure the line solidly.

A cane pole might be used with a bobber (float/cork) or without. This article will explain the proper use of it.

There are three types of cane pole fishing.  The first was with a bobber, the second is without any weights.  This is called loose line fishing.  The third that uses a weight is called tight line.  Each has it's own special use.

A bobber is used to let the fisher know if he is getting any bites or if he has caught something.  When it goes under water, then you have some action.

A still line is just that.  It is a line with only a hook and bait on the hook.  It is used in still water only.  It won't work in a strong current because the current will cause the line to rise up out of the water.

The tight line is used in water with a strong current.  The weight on the end keeps the hook and bait from rising up in the stream.  It is used mainly in rushing water but, can be used in quiet water,too.

All three have their uses in different situations.  The good thing about cane pole fishing is that you can quickly adjust to the type of fishing you are doing.  For example, a line with a bobber can quickly have the bobber slide up off the line closer to the pole so that it isn't in use.  Some bobbers come off rather easily.  The same is true with a weight on the end of the line.  It can be taken off if the individual wants to fish in still water.  If you use a weight, it should be 10 inches to a foot from the hook area on the line.

Cane poles can be used for both bank and boat fishing.  They can be a bit awkward to use at times amd they won't let you get out into deeper water like a casting rod can.  However, they are great for fishing up close and great for use around down or dead trees.

The bait used on the hook is usually live bait.  Bait likes worms, minnows, grasshoppers, grubs and crawfish are excellent bait products for fishing.  Artificial bait doesn't work as well because you don't have a reel for action, like you would on a casting rod.

A cane pole, just like a casting rod, has plenty of flexibility for holding a heavy or strong fish.

Until recently, it was the most popular way to fish.  However, modern technology has almost brought an end to the use of the cane pole.  Recently, I was in the Bass Pro Shop and all they had was fiberglass cane poles.

It is my hope that cane pole fishing will always be around.  However, it may not be with a bamboo type of pole.

To many individuals, it is still an exciting way to fish.

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matt on Sep 25, 2011
Perfect THX! exactly what I wanted!
RayM on Apr 4, 2009
The Bass Pro Shop that I just visited did have cane poles, in addition to the fiberglass poles.
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