Changing Brake Pads

futureteg Aug 7, 2007 Cars
Walkthrough on how to change brake pads


  • Socket Wrench
  • Tireiron
  • Jackstands & Jack
  • Anti-squel
  • Brake Pads
  • OEM Tool(usually needed for rear pads)
  • C-Clamp
  • Brake fluid(if you feel it needs replacing)


  • Raise car and remove your wheel
  • Use a socket wrench to remove bolts holding your caliper in place
  • The caliper will then open and you will be able to see the old brake pads
  • remove them
  • Use the C-Clamp to move the piston back(I like to use the old brake pad as a leverage point for it)
  • Coat new pads in never squel(the side of the pad that touches the caliper...not the rotor)
  • Install new ones, by sliding them into their place
  • Close the caliper
  • Put the bolts in place
  • Reinstall wheel

Testdrive: at first the brakes will be VERY you want to test drive in your driveway back and forth to make sure they grab..then slowly drive around at 15-20 mph until you get the feeling in the brake pedal back.
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Mike on Sep 9, 2010
I have changed brake pads a couple of dozen times during 3 years of sport car racing on the left coast. This tutorial is NOT detailed enough for the first time drive way mechanic. Find more information at the library for your particular vehicle (shop manual)and get 20 times the information and less stress--safer also.
Tureri on Jun 23, 2009
I'm not sure if this is the most informative tutorial. It does the job but it really needs to be more detailed and have more pictures. I understand it (I training to be a diesel fitter) but your average banker would have a clue.