Changing Oil

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Instructions on how to change your oil in your driveway


Hydralic Jack-I prefer to use a truck jack for cars, because they give you more lift

2x Jack Stands -never work under your car without using them

Socket Wrench + Socket-socket size varies by car, I reccomend using 6 point sockets, because you don't want to strip the bolt in the oil pan

Cardboard-helps you slide better

Funnel-you don't want to spill that oil all over the engine bay

Paper Towels-to clean the dipstick

Oil Filter Tool-when you get the oil filter at the store open the box and see which tool fits best.

Container to catch oil 



Oil-look into your car manual and find out how many quarts you'll need, also find out which version of oil you need...i.e. 5W30, 5W20 etc. Then go to autozone/pepboys and buy some. There are conventional and synthetic oils...main difference is one lasts longer and is somewhat better...but costs more(sometimes 2x). So I would only use synthetic on a good car.


Oil Filter-in the oil department, you'll see a big manual...about 600 pages it you'll have to find your car and find the part # for the oil filter.




Now we have all the supplies, time to start working 


  • Wait 30 mins after driving the car
  • Jack up the car using the front jacking point(consult manual for location)
  • Place jack stands under the car(consult manual)
  • Place pan under the car to catch old oil
  • Remove the oil pan bolt
  • Position the bucket to catch the oil
  • Let oil drain out
  • While oil drains, pop your hood, and remove the oil cap
  • when the oil is out, reinstall the oil pan bolt
  • remove the oil oil filter, usually found in the back of the engine(use the tool)
  • take out new oil filter...dip your finger in new oil and run it around the oil filter gasket
  • reinstall filter(screw it in by hand)
  • pour new oil into the engine...checking the dipstick to make sure you don't go over want to be between the 2 dots
  • Dispense of the old putting it into the containerers...and driving them back to autozone/pepboys
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