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Forget all those expensive cold remedies that make you feel like you're walking around in a fog. Use instead my holistic method which can, for the most part for anyone who has cared to try it, work in one day. It's less expensive, you can use ingredients you have in the house and you won't feel dazed from a cold medicine.

The key to this method is your self. You have to pay attention to your body and what it is telling you. Colds rarely slam you down without a bit of forewarning. A slight runny nose or you're a little achier than normal for instance, these are signs that a cold is trying to invade your body.

As soon as you become aware of these warning signs, the earlier the better, swallow a whole, peeled, fresh garlic clove. That's right, a garlic clove. The clove should be no larger than a multi-vitamin, otherwise you may choke. Like a multi-vitamin, drink a glass of water to wash it down. Tip: Place the rounded side up so it curves with the back of your throat for ease in swallowing.

Usually one garlic clove will do the trick. However, if your cold is further along than you anticipated, the next course of action is to cease all activity and go to bed. I know that this is a tough one to do you're very busy after all. But this is essential for two reasons. Number one and most important, the body heals itself only while at rest. That bears repeating; the body only heals and repairs itself while at rest. This goes for all ailments. Number two, you're contagious. Be considerate of other people's health. Don't get the whole office and/or your family sick. Quarantine yourself.

After you've had a good nap, you can take another garlic clove, and power down some vitamin C. If you don't have any citrus look around your fridge for a bell pepper which contains twice the Vitamin C as citrus, red bells have three times. If you're feeling very brave you can eat a raw chili pepper which has even more vitamin C.

Next on my list of things to do to annihilate the common cold is a little aromatherapy. Most likely you don't have any eucalyptus or rosemary essential oil (if you do, GREAT! Use a couple drops to your simmering water. ) So instead use Vicks VapoRub which has eucalyptus and cedar oils in it. Take a ½ teaspoon of the ointment and drop it into a small pot of two cups simmering water. The oils will kill airborne cold bugs. If you're still feeling stuffy, you can breathe the vapors for some relief.

Last, go to bed early and while you're drifting off to sleep, think to yourself, I will be well in the morning, I will be well in the morning. This is important. Your intent and mental resistance to the cold will be wholly beneficial in using this remedy. In the morning if you don't feel completely well, I trust that you will feel significantly better. Pop another garlic clove just for good measure.

Of course the best way to stop a cold is prevention. Wash your hands frequently during cold season, dress appropriately, eat well and stay rested.

Some tips and warnings:

* I've not heard complaints from people about garlic breath, but even if you did have it staying away from you while you're contagious is a good thing!
* If you don't have a small enough clove, you can cut a larger one to size. Be warned that by doing so you will release the juice and it can be rather strong on the tongue.
* Be sure to drink plenty of fluids.

* Please note that I am not a doctor nor am I prescribing. I am recommending a method that has worked for me and most everyone who has tried it. If you have severe cold or flu symptoms, see your doctor.
* If you have a sensitivity to garlic or your stomach cannot tolerate onions or garlic, this may not be the remedy for you.
* Too much garlic can cause stomach discomfort.
* If using this method on children, only a sliver of garlic is needed provided you can get the child to swallow it!

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Joan on Feb 18, 2008
Thanks for this info. Regular cold meds make me feel awful. I'll give this a try.
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