Delicious steak using minimal ingrediants!

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Create a savory steak using cheap seasoning available at any store which can serve about 4 people.
Go to a good butcher or food store and get a nice piece of ribeye steak. It must be 2 inches thick or more. Don't go cheap and get a bad cut, you'll regret it. It should have streaks of fat in it, and some on the outside.


Purchase this.


Take your steak out of the wrapper, let it sit until room temperature (30 minutes). During this time put the Montreal Steak Seasoning on. Less is more, so do not overdo it, but comfortably cover the steak.


Preheat your grill to max temperature. Do not put the steak on yet.


Place the steak on the grill, close the lid. Let it sit for about a minute and a half. During this time the steak will be seared, giving it the crosses that is nice to look at, but more importantly it will make the taste much better.


Rotate the steak 90 degrees after about 1.5 mins to give the steak the cross look. This step is optional. After 2.5 to 3 minutes flip the steak, repeat step 5 and part of 6. Once both sides are seared, drop the temperature to medium / medium-low. This will cook the inside of the steak.


After about 5 minutes, the steak should be medium-rare. To ensure the quality of the meat, do a push test (link).

Once the meat is medium rare, take the steak off the grill, and let sit for 2 minutes. The steak is still cooking inside, and you do not want to cut it during this period as the juices settle in.


Eat steak with a side dish or two.


Admire medium-rare.


PS - If you don't like seasoning, just use kosher/sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Feel free to make your own rubs, but I feel this one is satisfactory enough. Also, I have no experience iwth a charcoal grill, the results/procedure may differ.
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putrapetir on May 4, 2012
Look like this so delicious .. hmm yummy :) Nice Tutorial
Hungryman on Jun 23, 2010
and how to buy a Steak ???
Mike on Sep 27, 2009
That doesn't even look that good! IT sucks
Kellie on Jun 5, 2012
I hate haters- where's your tutorial Mikey?
MaryLouise on Jul 31, 2008
Enjoyed your article, good detail though the photography of the finished medium rare steak was not sensible for me to look at at 11.48pm. N.Z.Time when I should be thinking of lights out...not eating a juicy steak.
Gimme A Dream on Jun 21, 2008
Some spelling mistakes in the tutorial but the over all content is simple and the photos are explanatory.
cattywampus on Nov 30, 2010
Not only spelling mistakes, but grammar also. Needs an editor.
annie on May 16, 2008
A fine tutorial, though it needs a nice bit of editing - even the heading.
Cathy on Apr 26, 2008
This looks awsome !!!
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