DIY (Do It Yourself) Baseball Infield as a Centerpiece Base

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This How-To shows you how to make an infield base to anchor your baseball centerpiece for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, theme wedding party, sports theme event, corporate event, etc. Indoor/outdoor grass carpeting covers the infield, baseball bases and baseball (or team color) ribbon add accents. Ideas of what your final centerpiece can look like as well as other enhancements, are also shown. We will start with a list of required material.

The finished baseball infield for your centerpiece base will look like:

Items you will need:

  1.  12" square styrofoam, 1-1/2" thick

  2.  slightly larger piece of indoor/outdoor green grass carpeting

  3.  low temperature glue gun/glue

  4.  very sharp scissors

  5.  #9 baseball ribbon or team colors

  6. stick pins

  7. white card board or card stock

  8. additional enhancements, to taste

  9. possibly acrylic rod, wooden dowels, curling ribbon, metallic paper flowers

Cut a piece of Styrofoam (1-1/2" is best) approximately 12" square.  Cut some green indoor/outdoor carpeting a little larger.

Glue (using a low temperature glue gun) the carpeting to the Styrofoam, and trim off the excess.

Pin ribbon (#9 for 1-1/2") to the base.

Cut out bases from white card board and glue (also low temp) to the four corners of the base.

Garnish with related baseball items.  Here are some suggestions -

Some examples of the how centerpieces we made look using the same base.



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