How ro Master the Lob Wedge

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If you have a lob wedge make it work for you

How to Master the Lob Shot

To be able to master the lob shot you must learn about the different types of lob wedges. It is essential to know what degree of loft and what degree of bounce suits your methed of of play. Loft angles for the average golfer range from 58 degrees to 61 degrees. The average golfer should also look for a lob wedge that has a bounce angle of between 10 degrees and 13 degrees.

The lob wedge is the perfect club for getting the ball up into the air and having it land soft with enough spin

to stop fast. Not all golfers are able to spin the ball , but that is another lesson. Its most restrictive limitation

is distance. It is best used when you are within sixty yards of the pin or less.

Let me give you some tips on how best to use your lob wedges. When you play your lob wedge, keep your weight distributed evenly on both feet, keep the ball mid-way between your feet. While in your backswing, keep the club between parallel (to the ground) and three-quarter swing. If this will not give you the distance you need use a different club don't try to force the issue. Your hands should lead the clubhead at contact.

You may get the urge to decrease your acceleration through impact, if your let your hands fall behind your shot will suffer distance and loft.

When do you choose the lob shot over the chip. Take a good look at the green as relates to where you are. The determining factor is often the amount of green you have between you and the hole. A prudent golfer will chip the ball and let it run to the hole as the ball will run truer. If the distance is close a lob shot would be the best choice.

Before using a lob wedge in an actual game you should make time to practice using them. You will have to decide which club you want to use, and don't forget to remove some other club to keep the number in your bag at 14. Good luck




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