How To Achieve natural-Looking Makeup in Just 5 Steps!

Do you want to have beautiful, natural looking makeup that brings out your natural good looks? Follow this tutorial, and you can!

  Do you dream of a face that has no bags under your eyes?  No blemishes?  Perhaps you want to look younger and more radiant.  Following these simple steps, you can achieve all of this, and all without surgery!

1. Choose your makeup wisely.  Pick a brand that won't irritate your skin, using one that states "hypoallergenic" if your skin is sensitive.  Don't bother with lots of expensive extras, the natural look doesn't need them.  All you need is a good concealer stick in a shade lighter than your skin tone, a foundation that matches your skin tone, blush that matches your skin tone, and a lipstick that accents your lips without being blantant.  You may want to take a friend along  while doing this step to help you decide which colors look best on you.  You could also ask a salesperson for help, or just check the product you are looking at.  Many products now come with some type of "matching" help.

2. The concelaer goes on first.  I like to spot it on first, then rub it so that it blends into the area around it.  Use this under your eyes and on any red , blue, or black spots and blemishes.

3. Now comes the foundation.  I prefer a powder-based instead of a liquid foundation, simply because they are easier for me to use, but the choice is up to you.  The key here is to lightly apply it to all areas of your face.

4. Apply the blush to your cheeks in a sweeping motion, using just enough to give you some color, but not enough to clump on the brush and your face.  Begin at your nose and work your way to your outer cheeks, then use the brush (without dipping it into the powder again) to smooth it into a natural glow.

5.  Last but not least, apply the lipstick.  Make sure that it is on your lips, not around your lips.  Now using a piece of tissue, blot your lips on it.  This makes the lipstick smoother and less likely to fall off on cups while you are drinking.  In spite of this step, you will probably have to reapply lipstick throughout the day, so be sure to carry a tube of it in your purse if you are going out.

  Many women like to wear eyeshadow, but I think this is optional.  eyes often are best understated, and lend to a more dramitic look.  If you want to wear eye shadow, then go for it.  Do what you are comfortable with, and you will find that you look beautiful no matter what you wear!

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