How to apply liquid foundation properly

Stop making yourself look like a clown! It isn't rocket science, and with these tips and tricks to applying foundation, you will have yourself looking airbrushed in no time flat! Actual time it takes: 7-10 minutes

Alright ladies, here it is! Alot of people are swearing these days by mineral foundation.. You know what I say to that? Phooey! Hogwash! Fiddlesticks! And my reasoning is this..

1. You don't get maximum coverage

2. It claims that it won't dry your skin (believe me, it does)

3. It's expensive

4. It rubs off very easily

5. It's a fad that will fade away

 I'm not being pessimistic (well, maybe I am a little, but what do you expect from a jersey, but you have to understand, and this is vital: Every woman wants to look beautiful!

So here it goes.. it's a little messy, but totally worth it.

 Step 1:  Wash your face with your favorite non-irritating face wash. (I recommend Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure, and costs as little as $3 to $4 bucks at grocery stores) Pat dry.. you don't want to wipe your face and create wrinkles later on.

Step 2: Once your face is completely dry apply a nickel sized amount of the liquid foundation of your choice to the palm of your hand.

Step 3: Dip your middle finger into the foundation and dab under your eyes, in the corners of your nose, on your forhead, and your chin (right under your lip).

Step 4: Let sit for about thirty seconds to dry out a bit (this gives it more thickness to cover redness, and blemishes)

Step 5: I wholeheartedly say this now: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE A WEDGE OR ANY OTHER KIND OF SPONGE! Use your fingers! Rub the foundation, and blend and smooth.. if you have any moles on your face that look ridiculous covered in foundation, use your fingernail and scrape it off of the mole itself.

After these simple fool proof steps of applying foundation, you should look fabulous! You are free to apply all other make-up.

Tip: Try to stay as close to your own skin tone, because in all honesty, if you try for a darker color it makes you look dirty, and if you try to go lighter, it makes you look pastey. Hey, if you didn't realize it before,  it's okay, you are on your way to recovery! There is hardly a soul that wants to hurt their friends feelings, so don't feel hurt. Take a new step forward!

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