How to Brown Bag a Tuna Sandwich

skylark May 20, 2008 Food
Brown bagging it can save you time and money, but brown bagging a tuna sandwich can often leave you with a soggy bread soaked sandwich by lunchtime. This tutorial will show you how you can have a great tasting freshly made tuna sandwich without the soggy mess.

1 6-oz. can tuna                                1 plastic sandwich container with lid

2 tbsp. mayonaise                             1 4-oz plastic food container with lid  

1 tsp. mustard                                   3 plastic baggies

2 tbsp. pickle relish                           1 plastic knife

2 slices wheat or white bread            1 paper towel

1 leaf romaine lettuce                         Frozen blue ice

1 apple                                              Insulated lunch bag

1 bottle of water


Open can of tuna, drain and discard liquid.

Scoop tuna from can and place into a small bowl.

Add 2 tbsp. mayonaise

 Add 1 tsp. mustard

And 2 tbsp. pickle relish

Mix well

Scoop tuna into 4-oz. container. Refrigerate remainder of tuna. (Makes enough for two sandwiches).

Place bread in sandwich container

Cover tuna and bread with lids

Place a leaf of romaine lettuce in a plastic baggie

Fold a paper towel and put it in a plastic baggie with a plastic knife

Wash and dry an apple

Place apple in a plastic baggie

Place lunch items in an insulated cooler along with a bottle of water and blue ice

And off to work you go!

At lunch time, open your lunch bag and get out your paper towel.

Place paper towel on a clean dry flat surface. Place bread on paper towel.

Spread tuna on one side of the bread with the plastic knife

Place romaine lettuce on the other half of the bread

Place both pieces of bread together, cut sandwich in half with the plastic knife and you have yourself an inexpensive, freshly made great tasting tuna sandwich lunch!

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