How To Care For A Nostril Piercing

CDHubbard Jan 13, 2008 Health
The proper aftercare for a Nostril piercing so that it will heal as it should.

(Healing time 4 - 8 weeks)


•1.        Never touch your piercing with dirty hands and don't let anyone else touch your piercing with dirty hands.  You are constantly picking up bacteria on your hands when you touch things.

•2.        You should always wash your hands first and then wash your piercing with a mild liquid Anti-bacterial soap (softsoap).

•3.        Do Not rotate your jewelry for the first day just wash around your new piercing before bedtime.

•4.        When you get up in the morning wash your piercing and be sure to clean all the crusty's off the jewelry before moving the jewelry up and down in the piercing so that the soap actually gets into the piercing, this may sting some but that's okay that is just your body letting you know that the soap is actually getting into the piercing.  Then rinse your piercing with some luke-warm water, pat dry and leave your piercing alone.

•5.        Repeat washing procedure 3 times a day for the next 6 weeks.  Clean all the crusty's off the jewelry before rotating because if they are left on the jewelry when you move your jewelry through your piercing they can scratch the inside of the piercing causeing some pain and irritation.  Do Not pick anything off the skin it will come off naturally during the washing procedure.

•6.        Do Not put any make-up on the piercing because this will get into the piercing and irritate it which could led to a more serious problem for you.

•7.        Be sure that you wash your piercing after using any facical cleaners, to make sure that you get all the cleaner out of the piercing so that no irritation occurs.

•8.        You should have been pierced with 316L implant grade surgical Steel and it will not cause a problem for you.  The only way you will have a problem is if you do not care for your piercing properly.

•9.        Stay out of hot tubs, pools, lakes, ocean, ect. for 2 weeks.  These things carry bacteria even if it is chlorinated water it still has bacteria in it and this could cause some type of infection so stay away.

•10.      Stay out of Tanning beds for the first week because the tanning bed will heat the jewelry up and burn the inside of the piercing which will prolong the healing process and sun tan oils and sweat will get into the piercing and cause it to get irritated.

•11.      Do Not remove your jewelry from your piercing because it will close-up.  Only remove the jewelry if you are changing to another piece of jewelry.


If Irritation Occurs


•1.        Twice a day use a saltwater rinse (not table salt).  Fill a Dixie cup ¾ of the way with warm water, then mix ½ teaspoon of Epsom or Sea salt.

•2.        Submerge a cotton ball in the mixture and place it on your piercing for 5 mintues.  This will mixture will help clear up any irritation your piercing may have so your piercing will heal completely.  

•3.        Wash your piercing afterward with a mild liquid  Anti-bacterial soap (softsoap).


Do Not use any of the following:

            Alcohol, Peroxide, Hibiclens,Povidone-Iodine, Neosporin or any other cleaners or ointments.  These things are not made to heal body piercings they are for minor cuts, scrapes and sunburns.

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