How To Care For A Tattoo

CDHubbard Jan 13, 2008 Health
The proper aftercare for your new tattoo so that it will heal as it should.

1.  In 30 minutes to an hour, after getting your tattoo, wash your hands with a mild liquid Anti- bacterial soap (soft-soap) and remove the wrap from your Tattoo.

2.  You should wash your tattoo by hand with warm water and a mild liquid Anti-bacterial soap (soft-soap).  Do not use anything like a wash cloth on your tattoo because this is to abrasive for the tattoo and will cause your tattoo to lose ink.

3.  You can pat dry your tattoo.   Do not wipe anything across the tattoo and then let your Tattoo air dry for 10 - 15 minutes.  After your tattoo is dry, apply a thin coat of an alcohol free lotion like ‘Lubriderm Lotion' to your Tattoo.  Gently but, thoroughly rub in the ‘Lubriderm' lotion.

4.  After you have washed, dried and applied your lotion to your Tattoo, leave your tattoo alone until next washing.

5.  Repeat this cleaning procedure at least 3 to 5 times a day for the next 2 weeks.  The more you wash your tattoo the faster it will heal so if you can, wash your tattoo once every hour for the first 4 days.

6.  You can also take vitamin Zinc to promote your tattoo to heal faster. 


Do Not do any of the following:


1.  Do not pick or scratch the scab, it will come off naturally.

2.  Do not use Alcohol, Listerine, Peroxide, Vaseline or Neosporin on your Tattoo. These things are not made to heal tattoos they are for minor cuts, scrapes and sunburns.  The use of these products on your tattoo will irritate the tattoo and cause the tattoo to lose ink.

3.  Do not wear tight clothing over your new tattoo or let the clothing rub on the tattoo because this will cause the tattoo to lose ink.

4.  Do not let your bed sheets or clothing stick to the tattoo.  If this was to happen, wet the clothing or sheets good with some luke warm water and then remove the clothing or sheets from the tattoo.  The water will help release the clothing or sheets from the tattoo with less danger to the tattoo of losing ink.

5.  If your Tattoo is on your foot, do not wear shoes or socks that will rub the tattooed area for at least 2 weeks.  If you do this will cause your tattoo to lose ink and this will also prolong the healing process.

6.  Stay out of direct sunlight and tanning beds these things will cause the new tattoo to experience a burning sensation that is very uncomfortable. 

7.  Stay out of pools, hot tubs, lakes, ocean, ect. for 2 weeks.  These things carry bacteria even if it is chlorinated water it still has bacteria in it and this could cause some type of infection so stay away.

8.  To keep your Tattoo looking good all your life, protect it when in sunlight or tanning bed with sun block SPF 45 or stronger.

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