How to create a free online radio station.

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How to create and broadcast a free internet radio station using Sam Broadcaster 4. (I'll tell you how to download it).

Hi in this tutorial I will teach you how to create a free online radio station.

Download Sam Broadcaster

First things first go to it should just pop-up with the download if not go to and press the download button right of "SAM Broadcaster - Firebird". Install this.


Next sign up here and once signed up login. Select server 1. It should say this

username: **YOUR USERNAME""
radio status:
on if you have turned your radio on please wait 3 minutes and then check if it's on
your server ip : **IP OF THE SERVER**
your server port : **PORT NUMBER**

To make things easier copy down the server ip and server port information.

Now press "radio password change" and enter your password and name your radio, to make it easier make it the same as your password to this control panel.


Now press "radio installation" link, and enter the details and your URL.

Connecting to host
Open the Sam Broadcaster program. Click the "WINDOWS" tab at the top of the screen, and then press "Encoders". A new window should pop-up called "Encoders". In this new window press the "+" sign. At the "Select plug-in" window select mp3PRO, then the OK button. Once the new window has opened click the "SERVER DETAILS" tab. Enter the IP and port you copied down earlier and the password. Then enter the details beside this box **MAKE SURE THIS PAGE IS THE SAME SETTINGS AS YOUR CONTROL PANELS ONES**. Then press "OK". Now press the blue circle on the Encoder panel.


Now you're all set and ready to go to see is your radio works go to your URL. If any problems occur comment them below.

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