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Nick May 22, 2010 Internet
Always had a dream to earn cash of a website, or own a large website? I'll give you a list of the best top 5 websites to get your website online for free and allow it to grow and eventually turn big!

All websites had to start out somewhere, and all websites were once small. I'm sure even TutorialTub started off as a small website but now has grown to be a large and popular writing website with great ideas. 

 So if you're reading this article it is most likely that you want to...

1. Earn extra cash through website creation

2. Create a website/blog for your family, friends, gaming clan or any other cause.

3. Just want to the glory of having your own website, and being able to tag "" under your name in your emails

4. Just want to try it and see how big you can get it.

The easiest way to achieve your goals is to use one of these websites and start off from scratch.


"Wix" is very quickly becoming the most popular free website builder. It appeared out of nowhere and took over the number 1 "" which i'll be listing second. The reason why is so widely used and popular is because of it's simplistic flash design abilities. All websites created by WiX, rather than using HTML, CSS or any other language, uses flash which allows the creator to edit things so easily that you wouldn't even need any previous experience of websites before. The Flash design also makes the page look professional and the moving parts of the website makes it more interesting to the eye. ( 


"" is also right up there in the lead with Wix with millions of websites being hosted by the company. previously called "freewebs" has always been my favourite website maker and I still own & manage a number of websites using Webs. It is trustworthy and provides excellent customer chat support. You are able to upgrade your website from the free version to a better version for more support and ultilities. Webs has always been the best creator for HTML and CSS and provides you with add-ons as well. So if your looking for a trustworthy and "No-Problems" internet website host. Use


Blogger is a slightly different site maker compared to Webs & Wix. Blogger which is owned & maintained by Google, is based around the idea of Blogging. Which is when you write pages about anything you want for people to read. Your website you create with Blogger does not have a homepage and is hardly customisable besides for colours.  But the best thing about Blogger is that because it is linked up with Google Adsense, like TutorialTub, Blogger place the Ads on your pages for you and pay you when someone clicks on them. It also automatically enters your blog into Google Search which means more traffic, therefore more cash:) 


Weebly is a mixture of both website & blog. Although not being as powerful and as fast as such websites as Webs & Wix it still boats it's drag & drop interface which does in my opinion make your experience of website making so much more enjoyable. Even though this is a good interface, it also limits the amount of things that are completely user customizable. There are thousands of different designs and they all look professional and you can select different designs on what you would like to base your site on. Weebly is very useful and I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't built a site before. 


Yola is also a very good website builder. Yola is based on simplicity and even as you go to the homepage of the website you can see how clear and precise the information is. Yola is reasonably new, so does not have the same amount of traffic flow as some of the higher sites, but I am sure that it will get there soon, with thousands of new users every day. Yola also does not have the same amount of designs to choose from, but more are planned to be released soon.  

 If you have any questions regarding website building, post a comment and i'll get back to you ASAP...  

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giludi on Oct 8, 2013
Why did you forget WordPress?