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SNiman Jan 9, 2008 School
So you're off to college now and mom isn't there to pick up your smelly clothes and clean them for you anymore. It's a very simple process, let me show you how it's done.

So it's college time, and unfortunately, mom didn't come with you to do your laundry.  Here is a very beginner friendly tutorial on how to do a standard load of laundry. 

First, you need to look at your laundry to determine how many loads (normally two) you will need and grab the appropriate amount of detergent and quarters (for coin laundry at college or an apartment). 

 Second, you will need to separate the darks from the lights.  Today I will be doing a dark load, depending on load size, and the washing machine you are using, grays can be mixed and matched into light and dark loads.

Third, you will need to take your load of laundry, your detergent, and your quarters (if needed) to the laundry room.  When you are there, set the washing machine to the "normal" setting, for my washer at home, this was "Ultra Clean 18", at the laundrymat, it will probably be just a button that says normal. 

Next, you want to put your detergent into the machine.  Fill up the cap of your bottle to the line and dump it in.

Next, you want to put your clothes into the machine, it does not have to be pretty, they will move around on their own.

Hit the "start" button on the washing machine, or pull the dial towards you to start your load.  This will tell the machine to start filling with water and do its thing while you enjoy a few songs, a few drinks, or a magazine. 

When the machine is done, they still need to be dried.  This is also a very simple process that takes more time out of your day then you thought mom could spare. 

 Take all the clothes out of the washing machine, and put them into the dryer.  Be sure not to dry anything you do not want to shrink at all (for the first time washing it) or anything delicate that could be damaged by doing so.  You will find all this information on the tag of the article of clothing.

Before you close the dryer, be sure to check the lint screen, odds are the person before you didn' t clear their lint for you.

Lastly, set the dry to "Perm Press", and hit the start button!  Wait about an hour you will have nice clean, warm clothes ready for folding!



When cleaning dark clothes, be sure to use cold water, as warm water may cause the clothes to bleed.  This generally will only happen on the first wash of the clothes, though.

When cleaning a light load, you can use warm water, and on white loads, you can also use bleach to keep your clothes looking new and sharp.

I have always found it best to do laundry with a partner, it makes the time go by faster, and the folding process a little more enjoyable when there is someone going through the same pain as you are.

 Enjoy college or being on your own, just remember to stay sharp with crisp clean clothes!

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