How to fix a garbage disposal and save money...

Try these tips before calling a plumber to fix your garbage disposal. You may save yourself money for a service call.



  1. If your garbage disposal does not work, turn off the electrical switch on your wall or under your sink. You can also unplug the disposal in the cabinet under your kitchen sink. 
  2. Once the disposal is off, slide kitchen tongs or a long meat fork into the garbage disposal hole to try to determine if an object is jammed. Often times, a spoon, fruit or glass has jammed the blades and shut the motor off. Remove the object from the garbage disposal. Run water, flip the disposal switch back on and test to see if the garbage disposal works.
  3. If the jammed item is removed and the disposal still will not work push the reset button located on the bottom of the garbage disposal unit. Often the garbage disposal will simply cut itself off so that the motor does not burn out.
  4. If the above does not work, use the offset wrench that came with your garbage disposal. Insert the wrench in the flywheel notch on the bottom of your garbage disposal to turn the internal blades clockwise from underneath exterior of the disposal unit. If you cannot locate your garbage disposal offset wrench, you can buy one to fit your disposal at the home improvement store.
  5. If you do not want to buy an offset wrench, you can insert the end of a broom handle or something similar down into the sink garbage disposal to physically move the blades clockwise and dislodge whatever is stuck.
  6. You may have to run water and push the reset button under the disposal following each of these steps. These tips have worked for me every time and I have never had to call a plumber.
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