How to Get Linux

Zillionair1 May 22, 2010 Computers
Why you should get Linux (Ubuntu) and how to get it.
First of all, I think I should tell you about Linux first.

1. It is 100% free, meaning they allow you to back up not only your files, but the operating system as well on a USB Flash Drive.

2. Ever walk into a computer store, and see all of this Antivirus software? You might notice None of them are for Linux. This is because Linux has a very little amount of viruses.

3. It can be installed on computers, and even on XBox, Ps2, Ps3, and even XBox 360s!

4. It can run on some older computers without any special software.

5. Windows has only a couple versions:Home, Home Basic, Home Premium,Pro,and Ultimate. Linux has hundreds of different version, and has different versions made by alot of people. Like Ubuntu, CentOS, Arch Linux, Puppy Linux, and more.

Ok. Enough explaining how Linux > Windows. Now the tutorial of how to get Linux. For this tutorial, it will be Ubuntu. The first part of this tutorial will be installing it to your hard drive. The second half will be installing to a USB Flash Drive.

1. Download this:

2. Choose which hard drive or Partition to install Linux in. Under that will be Installation Size, make the size larger for more space that you can put on Linux.

3. Select your preferred language, and enter in a password for Linux and change the username if you want to.

4. Under Desktop environment, choose which one you want, you might want to Google the images for what it looks like before choosing.

5. Click "Install" and now it is insalling. When you reboot, There is a choice of Your windows version or Ubuntu.

6. Click on ubuntu and enter in your username and password. If you don't like it the system, then boot up on Windows, go to Control Panel, Add and Remove Programs, and uninstall Ubuntu.

Now for installing to a USB Flash Drive without installing to your HDD.

1. Go to, and click on which computer you have. Desktop, Netbook, or server edition. Choose a server in your country. Download the file, but don't extract it.

2. Go to and download that. Run it, and select the ubuntu file you downloaded. Now select Ubuntu, and 9.04.

3. Select the USB Flash Drive to install it to. When you boot up,hit F12 and select USB. You don't have to install anything, but you can install Ubuntu if you want to.

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