How to Get Rich in Runescape A Non-members Guide

javawizkid May 22, 2010 Computers
Want to make millions of gold pieces in Runescape and don't know how? Here's a free guide!
This is my guide to making a lot of money in Runescape. It will teach you the basics of making millions easily. You don't even need 1gp to start making money. This is from my experience of making money. So far I have had up to 10 million using these techniques. This guide if for free players, I will be posting a members version soon. So please show your appreciation of my effort and click the "Liked It" button if you thought it was a good guide.

Firstly you need some money to buy some tools. Head down to Lumbridge and kill a load of chickens. You are probably laughing your head off now. Killing chickens gives you feathers, lots of them. And guess how much they sell each? 5-10gp each. So if you killed a few chickens and got 1k feathers you could sell that for 10k. That is a lot of money for just killing a few chickens. You have to start with a little bit of cash to earn huge sums of it.

Once you have about 10k go off and buy a pick axe. A decent one would be good if you have the level to use it but any one will do. Head off to Falador and mine iron ore. Iron ore sells 100gp each. So if you got 1k iron ore you would get 100k! That is a load of money. But if you don't want to mine much iron you could always buy it off "noobs" for 25-50gp each so you would still be profiting 50gp per iron ore.

You could also fish lobsters in Karamja and sell them 250gp each. This is a good money making method too. You could also buy lobsters off people for 150-200gp each.

Another way of making money is to go air running. This is where you get 25 unnoted rune essence and an air talisman, bring it to runecrafters in the air altar in world 16 and they pay you 2k and 25 noted essence. Run to the bank and unnote them. Run back to the altar and repeat.

Keep up this process and you will have a load of money. Once you have reached your first million gold pieces then you could start off your own RUNESCAPE BUSINESS! To do this you need to find out which of the above money making methods you liked best.

I am going to tell you about my iron business because I liked it best lol. So go along to where the best spot is for mining (Falador) and in the east bank start saying "Hiring miners good pay". Some people will come up to you and ask how much will you pay. Just tell them the details. I will pay you 25-50gp each iron ore you give me. It will depend on the quantity you have. If they accept then great! Add them to your friends list and speak to them about the dates you would like a certain quantity of iron by.

If they fail to meet the agreements then just fire them because mostly they will be "begging noobs who don't know what they are talking about' When you get yourself 5-10 workers then you can relax and do whatever you would like to do in Runescape. If you want even more money then you could mine too. Don't forget that you can do this for any of the above money making ways. This method was mainly for free players who have no membership. I will be posting a members guide soon on how to make a lot of money! And I mean lots of money!
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goku on Jun 5, 2011
Lol either you copied from anoother website or its the same author eh•