How to get your man to commit in less than week

MomWhoWrites May 22, 2010 Other
Ladies, if you are having a diffult time trying to get your man to commit, then you need to read this step by step guide.

If you want to learn how to get your man to commit to a relationship with you, you will have to work for it. Sure, it may be hard at times having to work hard at building a strong relationship, but at least you will have a commited man who will be willing to go out of his way and do just about anything for you. Here are some tips that will make any man want to commit.

1.) Don't nag him the minute he walks in the door- Once you start to nag your man he will start to think twice about being with you, since he is prolly working all day just for you and to pay the bills. Men hate women who nag constantly, so instead of nagging at him why not ask him how his day went.

2.) Don't put him down for any reason- Men love to work hard for their women and can't stand it when they fail at something you want them to do. When you put your man down he won't want anything to do with you cause he will start to think that whatever he does for you will never be good enough, which you don't want that to happen cause he will start looking elsewhere.

3.) Don't make him do all the work- If you man works all day and you expect him to clean up at home to then you need to know that your man might not stick around much longer. Think about it working eight to nine hour shifts and you are at home having it easy and yet you can't do a few simple housework chores around the home then the relationship is doomed.

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