How to Handle getting fired.

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Getting fired from your job can be very stressful. Almost instantly you begin to wonder how your bills will get paid. You think you are not going to find a job. Well I thought the same exact thing until I realized that sulking over the past was not getting me anywhere. The first step to take after being fired is to take time to breath and relax. One week max, because it is okay to stop lick your wounds. Before you know it you will be back on track again taking care of business.

Step 1: Take a well deserved break.

Losing your job is stressful but you cannot let that stress take control of you. The best thing is to seperate yourself from that environment. Take a vacation. You don't have to go on a carrabian cruise (although would be nice) even a weekend camping trip. Anywhere you decide to go just remember that you are there to relax and clear your mind. Leave everything behind and when you return home you will be refreshed and rejuvinated and ready to take the next step.

Step 2: Look over your budget

Now that you are refreshed it's time to get serious and get down to business. Budgeting your money is very important. Get printouts or copies of you monthly bills and lay them in front of you on the table. The neccessities include; Electricity, Gas/Heat, and Water. Cable and Telephones you can live without. It doesn't seem like it but trust me it's possible. What you want to do is add up all your monthly bills and then add an extra $100 to the final total. This will cover you for example, your gas bill is obviously lower in the summer time and higher in the winter but your electric bill will be higher in the summer than in the winter. After you review your bills add money for food, entertainment, and gas (if you drive. $4.00/GAL YIKES!) Total the amount for the month and also weekly to set your budget. You can print out your weekly budget and post it to the fridge to help you remember how much you owe for that week/month.

Step3: Start the Job Search

Now that your budget is set you can begin the process of job hunting. This is the point where the stress can all of a sudden return. WELL DON'T LET IT. Start by looking in your local newspapers or your commnities online site will sometimes have job postings. You can also use Your best bet would be to walk directly into the potential work place and ask them if they are hiring and then fill out an application. Companies sometimes will not post their openings in the newspaper or online in fear that "unqualified individuals" will reply and waste their time. Now you may not want to change your career but sometimes it an help. It may appear that NOOOOO jobs are avaliable, but they are out. Look Harder.

Step 4: Take Care of Business

By this time you should be employed and also have your budget worked out. You are way ahead of most people at this point. I told you not to let the stress bother you and it paid off didn't it. "Litteraly" You went from Laid Off to Paid Off. Now that my friend is called TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS.

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Courtney on Apr 25, 2008
Wow thank you for that great info. The budget idea really helped me out alot.
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