How To Have a Better Career

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Isn’t work a great source of self-esteem? A huge part of our personal satisfaction comes from the sense of well-being we get from work. So what if your job sucks? – More or less, your entire life sucks too. This is because the way we think and feel about our job affects all the other aspects of your life, right? So how do we develop the greatest link to our happiness, our career?

How To Have a Better Career

  1. Develop a satisfaction from your work. Get a job that you (would) definitely love. Even if you have other sources of enjoyment, the best feeling you could ever get would still probably come from the best career you have - one which you could take around and be proud of - even one which would help all the other aspects of your life, particularly, your relationships. So be motivated.

From here you could either proceed to: 2-a) Get a new job, or 2-b) Improve your job.

2. Improving or Changing Careers

2-a) Starting a new career.

i. Don't be afraid to switch to a new job. As long as you have a high-school diploma, job training, work experience, employer reference, and a positive attitude and desire to have "a career," then you should have no problem finding a new job. Don't be discouraged. Focus on the thought that there will always be opportunities for a qualified professional, like you. There would always be retirements and/or the urgent growth of small companies, so there is always someone hiring.

ii. Prepare extensively for your job application - a good resume and some mental notes of your "saleable" job qualities. These would be helpful especially on interviews.

iii. Scout for all possible job opportunities. You can look for advertised openings, but don't forget the "hidden job market" - companies that don't advertise because they hire (or promote) from within. To get the advantage from this, you may need to have a good referrer or a letter or recommendation.

iv. Decide. Get a work that would work for you. Think of something you're good at doing. Surely, this would be a sufficient source of pride and enjoyment.

2-b) Improving your current career.

i. In most any type of job, there would always be the opportunity to move to an upper position. You can get a promotion, wage increase, or a better job security IF you care to make better your work performance and especially, your self. To do this, you can request an employer offered training, get additional education (whether university, vocational, or online), or self study (through self-help books, e-books, specialty magazines, or seminars). Lastly,

ii. Make sure that you get noticed.

There are always ways to get a better job, or have an improved career. These are just plain and simple suggestions however. The results are always up to you.

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