How to have fun at home on a Friday night

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An article on how to have some fun on a Friday night at home.

Ever wanted to have fun at home on a Friday night, but wanted to do something else besides watch TV or play video games? Will this article will tell you and inform you on how to have some simple and cheap fun at home.


1) Make sure you have some room for fun. Have a patio, deck, backyard or even a simple balcony will do.


2) Make sure you have several activities planned just in case if one doesnt work out too well or if you get tired of one activity and want to move onto something else for a while.


3) Plan your time accordingly. Make sure you have enough time for each activity so you dont run out of time and be able to finish everything that you started. 


4) Know how much money you have and how much you can spend on different activities. Some activities require a bit more money than some others, so plan accordingly. And make sure to have some back up money with you as well.


5) Let your friends know what activities you have planned. And make sure they aren't busy and can come over and hang out with you and make sure you know how long they plan on staying as well.


Alright, so lets discuss different activities you can do at home on a Friday night.


Pool: Buy, rent or even borrow a pool table from a friend and play some pool together. Pool is a great and fun game to play at home at night and day time as well.


Ping Pong: Get a ping pong table and start playing this with friends. Ping Pong (or Table Tennis) is also a fun game to play with friends at home. 


Darts: Pretty fun as well and all it requires is a dartboard and some darts.


Board game: Playing a board game such as Monopoly with friends can be pretty fun too.


BB Guns: If you have a few BB guns and some paper targets and a large backyard you can have fun shooting off a few rounds with your friends.


Prank Phone Calls: Thats right call someone up and say some funny stuff and record it. Can be pretty fun. 


Well thats about it. So these are different ways you can have fun at home on a Friday night with some friends. 

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Jungle Girl on Feb 4, 2009
No, this isn't even good for a kid. Very unprofessional. Prank phone calls?? Are you kidding? There is no substance to this, and it uses very poor grammar. The worst tutorial I have read so far.
ritapro2003 on Jan 14, 2008
Too simplistic for an adult, may be good for a kid.
deesee22 on Jan 6, 2008
- 1
is this for real