How to install RAM on your computer

paratroopa Feb 7, 2009 Computers
Easy steps for installation of ram on your computer (for windows)

1. Find your computers type of memory.

2. Find out how much ram your computer has currently. Most older computers have a minumum of 512 mb already installed (running windows xp), and newer ones having two gigs (running vista). Most older computers have a maximum of four gigs (gigabytes) of ram and newer models have a max of eight.

3. Buy the amount of ram accor

dingly. Two gigs should do for older computers and four for newer models.

4. Open up your computer case and find your memory slots (usually theres four of them)

5. Take out the old ram and place the new ram into the slots.

6. Now when you start up your system, your computer should automatically recognize the ram. No software needed. And your all done! Your computer should be signifigantly faster now.

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