How To Make A Pen-Gun

Jay42 Aug 10, 2007 Other
I will show you how to make a very powerful pen gun using a few household supplies. Easily pierces boxes, walls, papers and more!

I will show you how to make a pen gun using a few simple supplies listed below. These things are very powerful and really fun to use! They will pierce boxes, papers and more!


1. Rubber Band - The thicker the better, normal length works.
2. Ball Point Pen - The ones with the screw off tops are best.
3. Heavy Duty Clip - Not a paper clip, the black ones used to hold large amounts of papers.
4. Scissors - Depending on weather or not you have a screw off pen.


1. Take out the inside part  of the pen holding the ink. Don't throw it out, it will be your "ammo"


2. Unscrew/Cut off both ends of the pen so the part that holds the ink can easily slide through. The less restistance there is the faster and more accurate it will be.

3. Place the part that holds the ink inside the pen (the part you write with facing the way it will exit, doesnt matter which way it exists, you decide.)

4. Place the elastic on top of the pen (the outside part, not the ink part) have one end of the elastic on where the pen will exits. Once you have done that secure the elastic with the heavy duty black clip. Be sure not to block the exist path of the ink part.


5. Grab the ink part and the elastic, pinch both together, pull back and fire!


WARNING: This IS a VERY DANGEROUS "toy" and should NEVER be shot at a person, animal, or anything that is not supposed to be damaged. This will damage whatever you shoot it at. Make targets, shoot at boxes, whatever. Please DO NOT shoot at any living objects!


I am not responsible for ANYTHING you do with this pen, neither is this site.

Please be careful and have fun! Cool
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LUZ MARINA on Jan 10, 2009
hola muchas gracias pero no logro encontrar mi targeta!!
Paralda on Jun 15, 2008
Hmm.. Catchy title. But gotta agree with Gayle. How many actually wanna make this? Perhaps if you had written how to make a waterpistol with household supplies.
Gayle Begley on Apr 25, 2008
Why would you want to make something like this? are you hard pressed to find something more CONstructive to do with your life?
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