How to make a Tres Leches Cake

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This recipe will help win you points with your family and friends who have a sweet tooth yet want to keep it light.

Tres Leches Cake♥


Now this is dessert at its best, its easiest and of course at its tastiest. I have made this scrumptious dessert for my family on many occasions, not only for it's great flavor but also for the ease and quickness of it. This cake simply is timeless, there is no wrong time. It is good for all occasions, for some reason though, we enjoy it most during the summer. I guess it is because you have to refrigerate this cake that we enjoy it more at this time.

I love the ease of the cake making, we always use store bought cake mix for the most important reason because you can change the flavor of the cake to your liking. It can be a regular vanilla cake and it will be delicious, OR, you can play with the delightful flavor variety the different cake mix brands offer. I like to make the icing with cool whip. With this however, you can play on the flavor as well.

Here is the easy recipe for a vanilla cake mix with Tres Leches, you will need:


    1 Cake Mix in a box (your choice of brand)

    1 can of evaporated milk

    1 can of condensed milk

    1 can of half and half

    1 package cool whip

    1 small bag of straws (avoid the kind that bend at one end)



    You make the cake mix as per directions on the box, allow to cool completely. While it is cooling, take your three cans of milk, hence the name, Tres Leches. In a measuring cup, a large one preferably, pour half a can of each of the milks together, I only use half a can of each of the milks because it is a very strong and sweet combination. You have the choice to use the whole can, just make sure it is of equal amounts. stir well then place the cup in the refrigerator, for now.

Come back to the cake once it is cooled, it usually needs 45 minutes to cool. Transfer the cake to your serving dish or cake stand. Take a straw from the bag and start making holes into the cake, I like to start in the middle and work my way out until the entire thing is covered in holes, granted you don't want to place the holes too close together and have the cake collapse. How big the holes are is up to you. You did not have to use a straw, any object will do the job, another idea is a wooden skewer, some come with a wide handle, it makes pretty good size holes as well.

Now take the measuring cup out of the refrigerator with the milk mix and start pouring it onto the cake. You will want to do this slow so as to allow time for the milk to seep into the holes. Work your way around the cake, don't skip any hole, you may also allow the milk to drip down the sides, if it puddles it is fine, the cake bottom will absorb some. Once you are done, you will want to place the entire cake in the refrigerator, this will help keep the consistency of the milk and give the cake time to absorb all the wonderful and sugary sweetness of the milk combination.

You can chill it as long as you like, take it out when you are ready for dessert and enjoy!

I like to dress up my cakes, so I add frosting. I take some cool whip and cut small pieces of fruit, mix them together and cover the cake. I also like to change the cake mix flavor, just this past weekend I made an orange flavored cake and the frosting I made with cool whip and orange marmalade, the possibilities are endless, you have full control.

I hope you enjoy this recipe with your friends and loved ones, let me know if you need any more ideas or if you have any for me.

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