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There are mainly eight easy steps that you need to put into consideration before your final decision to open up a retail shop in an area of your choice.


1. A counter table 

2. Rental fees(money for rent)

3. Electric power

4. A new brand fridge

5.  Operating capital

6. A standard size room

7. Shelves

The eight easy steps include the following:-


Get a strategic area where you shop can fit.  This area should have enough security, large population size, market and high demand for goods or products you intend to sell in your  shop.

Step 2

Rent  a standard size business room which is atleast 14 by 14 feet and you have to make sure that the room is cheap. This will help you to save some money for future use.

Step 3

Paint the room by using experienced and skilled painters so that you make it smart. This will help you to attract the attention of customers so that they can buy continuosly.

 Step 4

Hire a professional  carpenter to fit the shelves into the room and the best materials to use should be wooden in nature.

Step 5

Make possible consultatons regarding the current price of the goods or products and if possible, try to negotiate the price. This will help you to purchase good quality goods or products at the cheap price possible hence high profit making.

Step 6

Go to your nearest whole salers and buy some basic products or goods such as sugar, salt , soap and among others. You should also make sure that the goods or products you intend to buy are  good quality in nature but not only considering the quantity.

Step 7

Arrange to transport the goods or products up to your place of work and as soon as you reach, hire the porters to off load them.

Step 9

Remove all the goods or products from their original boxes and put them into the shelves for display purposes. This will assist the customers to see easily the products they need to buy.

Step 10

Keep your eyes sharp and be patient till the opportunity to knock on your door so that you can begin to sell. This will help you to make your dreams come true in the near future.



1. Avoid to be rude to the customers to enable your business to operate for a long period of time.

2. Avoid selling expired and substandard goods or products. This is because, the more you try to sell them, the more losses you will face.

3. Avoid too much borrowing to overcome future risks and losses.





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