How To perform Good In Group Discussion

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The things that you have to look after to perform good in Group Discussion at various exams

Group Discussions are an integral part of the selection process of most of the top B-Schools. While the weight age given to GDs varies between B-Schools, it is usually in the range of 10-15 per cent at the IIMS and other top B-Schools, In the light of the weight age accorded, it is important that when it comes to GD preparation, you leave no stone unturned.


What is a Group Discussion? A GD is a forum to discuss an express your views about an issue in a logical, coherent and mature manner. The person who conducts GD and assesses your performance is called moderator.


The number of student in a Group Discussion varies between 8-10 at the IIMs to about 15-10 at other top B-Schools. Similarly, the time given to a group to discuss a given topic/situation/case varies between 15 minutes ands 45 minutes. Irrespective of the number of participants and the time given, you should make sure that you perform to your full potential and to expectations of the moderator.


To prepare effectively for GD, it is important to understand the finer nuances if what GD is and what the performance evolution parameters are.


Method of Prep


AA GD unlike elocution, which is a one to many situations. A GD is a many-to-many interaction situation where any participant, at any time, may interrupt another to express her/his ideas about the topic under discussion. While experience in public speaking helps. It dies not lend any special advantage over those who do not have such experience.


Another misconception that most student harbor is that only those who use flowery language tend to do well in GD. In fact, nothing could be future from the truth. A student, who uses simple, easily comprehensible language to convey ideas, will have advantage over other.


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kritika on Dec 15, 2011
its not like a tutor from any angle it does not provide any base about gd