How To: Plan a Great Baby Shower

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If you have a baby shower coming up and you're asked to host, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips that will help you plan a great shower that the expectant mother will remember for years to come.

If you have a baby shower coming up and you're asked to host, you have come to the right place.  Here are some tips that will help you plan a great shower that the expectant mother will remember for years to come.

First of all, you need to know when to start planning.  Most baby showers are generally held a couple of months before the baby is due, so the best time to start planning the shower is about four months before the due date.  Waiting until the last minute is a recipe for disaster and will probably lead to stress, sleepless nights and you will be in a panicked frenzy the day of.  So, allow yourself months to plan.

Next, sit down with the expectant mom and find out what kind of shower she would like to have.  Important things to know are what kind of cake and foods she likes or is craving, how many people she would like to have invited, and will men be allowed.  Also, has she started a baby registry, has she found out the gender and have the soon-to-be parents discussed names.  With this information, it will be easier to plan and pick a theme.

For a theme, if the mom doesn't have any ideas, the sky can be the limit.  There are many party planning stores that carry a variety of pre-packaged items.  Mickey Mouse, princesses, Winnie the Pooh and Baby Einstein are just a few of the numerous options.  Once you have a theme, you will have an easier time picking invitations, a cake design, decorations, games and anything else you'll need.

When filling in the invitations, make sure to include all the necessary information, such as the time, date and location.  It would also be useful to include the mother's name, where she is registered, and if possible, the baby's gender and name.  This will make it easier for the guests to choose a gift.  Allow three weeks prior to the shower for the invitations to arrive at their destinations so guests can put the date on their calendars.  If no guests come to the shower, it will be a disappointment to the mother-to-be, so avoid sending out the invitations three or four days before the event.  Also, don't forget a guestbook so that the new mom can remember who was at the shower and add that information to her baby book.  For an even more stress-free planning experience, pick up all your supplies for the shower at one party planning location.  It's much more convenient and less time-consuming.

When it comes to the shower cake, you don't have to spend hours making one from scratch.  Making a quick trip to your local bakery is all you need to do.  Many bakeries have cake "kits" where you can choose the cake-topping theme you need and you'll have an appropriate, professionally made masterpiece.  If the bakery you go to doesn't have kits, you can most likely find an appropriate cake topper at the party supply store.  Just have the bakery make and frost the cake, then top it before the shower starts. 
For decorations, don't be afraid to get creative with streamers, banners, posters, cardboard storks, or anything else you can imagine.  Make it fun.  Another way to make it fun is to have a couple of baby games.  Baby bingo and others are fun and aren't tiring.  Just don't overdo it on the games so the new mom doesn't get worn out. 

Soon-to-be mommies get pretty hungry so plan on having some simple finger foods for everyone to snack on.  Vegetable and fruit trays, chips and dip and party mixes are all good ideas and very easily put together.  Also, use paper plates, napkins and cups to greatly reduce the time needed for cleanup. 

Finally, don't have a tight schedule for the shower.  Let the guests mingle, give their congratulations, nibble on the snacks, and let the mom open gifts and play games as she wants to.

With this information, you can plan a great and successful baby shower for your friend, co-worker or family member.  Just remember to allow yourself plenty of time and don't plan any of the details at the last minute.  Following these tips will make the shower a hit and the mommy-to-be will remember it for a long time to come. 

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