How To Rip a DVD

Jay3000 Jan 4, 2008 Computers
Simple tutorial that shows you how to rip a dvd

Download the Following Programs:

DVD Decrypter (Can also use DVD Shrink if you please)


Insert the DVD you want to rip into your computer

Start DVD Decrypter

Make sure it is in IFO Mode

Choose the size of files you want it to copy over into, i like just one file since you pick what you want to rip from the above menu on the right (it auto picks the main thing if its a movie)

Pick where you want it to copy to by clicking the little folder in destination


Click the Dvd > Hard Drive picture then wait it out takes about an hour or so for a movie


 After its done open up AutoGK and load the file you copied over from dvd decrypter into the input and change the output to where ever you like

You can change the size of the files you outputting by clicking on the size option

You can change the ripping options in advanced settings, i.e codec, size, audio output

Then click Add Job then Start and your ripping is in progress
Note: Can take up to 7 hours to complete :S

Then enjoy your newly ripped DVD on your computer or share it with your friends on the internet 



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