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It is a wise choice to start a retail hardware business in any developing country due to high demand of building materials such as cement, iron sheets, nails of all types, spades, expanded metals, hoes and among others.

Things you will need 

- Working capital

-Enough space with a large size room and the store


- A license and other legal documents


The steps include:-

Step one

Find a strategic area where your hardware business can fit. This area should have enough security, large population size, market and demand as well as easy transport and communication.

Step two

Rent a large size room with a store behind and paint it with a color of your choice so as to win the attention of the customers.

Step three

Fit the shelves into the room and the counter table  for display purposes. In this case, all the light materials such as brushes, switches, padlocks and among others will be displayed.

Step four

Purchase a variety of items/ building materials from your nearest hardware dealers and you should make sure that you buy good quality items which can attract the customers.

Step five

Obtain a license and other legal documents in order to  register and legalise your business. This will help your business to operate as well as to avoid future inconveniences like closure of the business.

Step six

Advertise your business in your local newspapers, radio and television shows in order to attract more customers hence increasing your sales.

Tips and warning

- Prohibit much borrowing to avoid losses and future risks

- Avoid cheating your customers and being rude to them

- Don't sell duplicated  and sustandard items or materials


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chosen on Nov 15, 2021
Believe in your self and tryst God even 2m Uganda shillings can start up a hardware business. Hardware does not only mean cement but even timbers or wood for construction.
Odung Walter on Aug 29, 2021
Can 20million open a hardware business?
ASIIMWE LOUIS on Nov 6, 2021
Bro, there is nothing like little money. People have started at 5million and grown. 20millions is too much.
Odung Walter on Aug 29, 2021
If i start my hardware in a Busy highyway, will i get customers?
fred on Aug 16, 2021
Good information
Daniel on Aug 15, 2021
How can i beat up and make sales with my small capital yet am surrounded by huge capital dealers in the hardware business?
Richard on Aug 9, 2021
Thanks, i have got a lot of clue in starting small hardware business
Kamanyire Wilson on Aug 4, 2021
Hello dear sir/ madam I request to know how can I start a small hardware store in Uganda
Baraka Angeicon on Jun 22, 2021
There are great business plans here I think if we keep on following we shall achieve in business
Ogom solomon on Jun 16, 2021
Thanks for the lecture pls give abreak down of first things ishould start with and how much to prepare for a start
Odongo Bonny on Jun 13, 2021
Can I become an outlet agent for big warehouse business. I already have a house with a big space. I also have 13 million Uganda shilling. Can I start selling as a commissioner
Ochieng on Apr 28, 2021
Exactily what i have been looking for, thanks but am asking is eight million shillings enough to open asmall one.
isaac on Jul 1, 2021
for a most successful business, you don't need to invest too mush capital you start with what you have as little the rest of the think you will get from the field. You see think which is of the highs demand then you order.8m ug shilling is enough
Nayebare Emma on Mar 31, 2021
If we are two and we only have 4 million, can we start slowly
Rogers Mugisha on Mar 11, 2021
Great educative information, need information on minimum capital to start with like in growing trading centers in Uganda
Aemon on Jan 20, 2021
this is nice,I picked a leaf,thanks
Tom Kara on Dec 24, 2020
Do you think USD50,000 can start a reasonable Hardware business in Uganda?
David nsimbe on Dec 4, 2020
Thanks for the good ideal .can i start with 3m
JUMA JOMA AMULE on Dec 14, 2020
It depends on your location and the volume of customers. For my case, i started up a small hardware for my dad in some ka small with 60 bags of cement, 25kg of nails of different inches, 1 roll of binding wire it was around 3.5 million including transport. before i know it, in two weeks time, the cement and many of the nails where finished and customers started asking for other materials. because of the relationship i had with an indian friend who owned a hardware, i went with the money from the sale of 60 bags of cements and talked to him to to give other materials like iron bars, ironsheets and cement that i would pay after two weeks. bro the business is catching up
Elasu Paul on Feb 1, 2024
Bro can u help me draw a budget for a hardware of 20m ugx
Kasiime evelyn on Aug 6, 2021
Where is your location. i really want to start a hard ware business but the issue of location is where am finding it hard to resolve.
Belinda on Aug 12, 2021
Look for a location in upcoming surburb where a lot of construction is happening, like Gayaza, Kira, etc, shop should also be in a busy trading centre
Davin sentongo on Nov 22, 2020
How much should one hv for the start?
Buteme Doreen on Oct 11, 2020
Thank You for the great information rendered. Starting the Hardware soon
Luyombya ALAMIN on Sep 6, 2020
This information is very good for begginers like me.Thanks for not being selfish.
Apollo Munanura on Aug 18, 2020
Thanks for the information but in Uganda one may face a challenge of identifying quality products because of many players in the business who come up with alternatives.
Theresa Ssentongo on Jul 31, 2020
This was very helpful. Thank you
Bisaso Ibrahim on Jul 12, 2020
Thanks for this information, now I know where to start from
Al Amin Ali on Jul 6, 2020
very good article and educative. It provides information to whoever is planning to start a business similar to the one above.
Lamulah on Jun 25, 2020
This is so awesome, the information is so precise. Am looking forward to opening up a business of a kind. Thanks so much.
Nabuuso suzan on Jun 23, 2020
Thx dear very educative
Nasasira mercy on Jun 11, 2020
i need to get a guide about the hardware budget watssap me on 0705438110
emmy on May 9, 2020
anyone amg u guys who need an employee,i need some experience on how to run things b4 i open mine, number is 0779263476
semusu sperito on Apr 28, 2020
How much does one need to start up a hardware business in Uganda now
umar on Aug 30, 2020
not too much, you need at fast to focus on the pressing items...u can start with little you have such as 20m ugx
Derrick on Apr 16, 2020
Good advice
Daniel on Feb 22, 2020
Very good incite. I have all along been looking for such guidance. Now i need to be briefed about the minimum starting capital that i may need, and may be also the budgetr
Kapsawani Anthony on Feb 13, 2020
Thank you for these wonderful tips i think am good to go!
Derro on Jan 10, 2020
Whats tge minimum required capital. For starters??
Alfred on Oct 27, 2019
What is the minimum amount do i need to start a hardware in Uganda?
Ronald kiwanuka on Sep 6, 2019
Can 3,000,000 start a small hardware.
siira on Jul 17, 2019
can 5000000ug start ahaedware
Anne on Mar 28, 2019
How much do l need for the start?
simon on Mar 20, 2019
very brief though on point i think i like it
NAIRUBA DOREEN on Feb 11, 2019
What is the exact minimum capital one can start a hardware shop with in Uganda?
NAIRUBA DOREEN on Feb 11, 2019
What is the minimum capital to start a hardware shop with in Uganda
Henry on Dec 19, 2018
This is to belief and lacks important parts like capital estimate, experience etc please do the needful to avail us with satisfactory information.
richard lugala on Sep 13, 2018
what's the minimum capital am supposed to start with
Fred Olanya on Aug 18, 2018
Can i knoe the minimum capital for an average Ugandan to start such a business?
cathy on Feb 20, 2018
ajay on Dec 22, 2017
hi friends im starting hardweare & electrical hole sale so I want information to how I purchese the material from supplier plz mesg me my watssapp number is (+96894329281)
Eranda alex on Aug 23, 2016
What's the minimum capital for a hardware that will competi favourably ?
sylvia on Jul 13, 2016
we need a sample budget for the same
John on Apr 9, 2016
Good ideas looking forward to start mine sooner than later
bidyut bikash borah on Mar 3, 2016
Hi! myself bidyut bikash borah. from Assam, India. I want to start a hardware shop, but i dint have any idea bout business, so please suss-est me what types of paper work to be done and what types of material should put in my shop. please mail me at my mail id. i will be very thankful to you
Pinku on Nov 23, 2016
Hi Bidyut, from which place in assam are u, i m from jorhat. I can contact u and help u if u need.
bidyut on Aug 7, 2017
i am from lakhimpur
Hi Pinku on Jun 9, 2017
pls drop me a mail regarding business development n documentation.
Shariq India on Sep 17, 2016
Hye.. Bidyut.. I am going to start my business before June 2017, as Door hardware lock/handles supplier. You may contact me. Maybe you will be my first customer. (email-
Walter on Feb 26, 2016
What kind of security should one apply
nyika marume on Dec 6, 2015
Woooo,thanks that good idea,iwant to start mine there
Godfrey Delex on Jul 16, 2015
Quiet practical, have been searching these but less precise as this, Thanks!
cherukut aggrey on Feb 22, 2015
I love it, breif and to de point, what i had left out was a store. Am now good to go.
edema edward on May 6, 2014
its is very good steps cos i would like to start it by the end of this year so which company are having good products
wanetosi on Feb 17, 2014
Am considering starting hardware chain
George on Jul 25, 2012
Great i had done almost every thing apart from painting an attractive colour. Thanks
jackline on Nov 10, 2012
i like this coz iwant to start one and iwas looking for ideas thanks.