How to start programing with Java/Eclipse

alentz627 May 22, 2010 Computers
This tutorial will teach you the basics in how to get started programing using a combination of Java and Eclipse. It will show exactly what you need to download, and also how to begin a new project.

 *This tutorial is stricly for the Windows platform

First we must download Eclipse from


Click on"Eclipse IDE for Java Developers"



You will then be brought to a page with download mirrors (chose whichever you prefer)



Next, you must download and extract the file





Next you will need to extract all the files to a location of your choice






 After the files have been extracted a new folder will open containting another folder named "eclipse".  Double click on the "eclipse" folder, and inside you wil find the eclipse application




To make things easier in the future you may want to pin this application to the start menu (optional step)



Now in order to start writting Java programs we need to download the latest Java JRE.  To do this go to and chose "Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003 Online"



 Select "Save File" and let the files download




Double click on the newly downloaded Java exe and follow the on screen instructions




Once Java is done installing you are ready to begin programming!  To begin, open Eclipse and select a workspace (where ever you want Eclipse to save your work)




When you open Eclipse for the first time you will be greeted with a welcome screen, this can simply be closed



To open a new Java program navigate to File -> New -> Java Project



Next, name your project what ever you like and hit "finish"




Next, single click on your newly created project on the left hand side and select File -> New -> Class




Once you click "Class" you must name the class



After naming the class be sure to check the "public static void main(String[] args"option under "Which method stubs  would you like to create?"  This will create a working method for you



Next select "finish" and you are ready to start writing your code! 



This is what your workspace should look like



Enjoy and be on the look out for program writting tutorials in the near future!

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Ravi on Feb 26, 2012
I know this is a really old article, but it helped alot.