How to tell the difference between a normal and a two way mirror

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An article giving you tips on how to tell the difference between a normal mirror and a two way one.

A two way mirror is a special type of mirror with glass that has two different sides. On one side it provides a reflection but on the other side it serves as a window, allowing someone to watch a person from the window side without them knowing. You see this type of mirror typically in police interrogation rooms but it can also be used in less obvious places such as a work place. So if you are worried someone is watching you from a suspicious looking mirror, heres a guide telling you how to find out if someone is indeed spying on you.





1) One way to determine if a mirror is a two way one is to bring a flashlight with you and turn off the lights in the room. Then hold the flashlight to the mirror and if it is indeed a two way mirror then the other side of it will be highly illuminated.



2) Check how the mirror is installed in the room. A normal mirror is usually hung against the wall, but a two way mirror is typically set into the wall. If there is a wall behind the mirror, then its most likely a normal mirror.



3) You can also tap on the surface of the mirror with your bare knuckle and listen to the sound it produces. A normal mirror will usually produce a dull sound because it is placed in front of the wall. However though, a two way mirror will make a more hollow and open sound that reverberates when tapped against and that is due to there being an open space on the other side of it.



4) Finally what you can do to determine what type of mirror you have here is to press your eyes against the mirror and cup them with your hands. You will create a dark type of tunnel to block out all the light. When you do this, the light from the observation room will be much brighter than the light on your side of the glass mirror. Also usually you should be able to see something beyond the glass.


Alright so thats about it. Some tips for ya on how to determine the difference between a normal mirror and a two-way mirror. Now you can find out if someone is spying on you or not from behind that large mirror with the help of this guide! 

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Rushabh on Oct 1, 2011
Very useful
patty roberts on Oct 23, 2010
From a female police detective giving a seminar for women today: put your finger nail against the mirror if you see a gap in the mirror finger nail to your finger nail.. its a mirror Putting your finger nail against the mirror and the other mirror TOUCHES your fingernail is a two way mirrow.. I rest my case Thank you!
clark griswold on Oct 29, 2012
She lied to you, try it at home. I rest my case. Thank you!