How to Use Yahoo Answers to Get More Traffic to Your Website

iyazam Aug 20, 2008 Internet
Wanna get more targeted traffic to your website? Try using Yahoo Answers! Just by answering other peoples questions can get you lots of targeted traffic to your website.

What is Yahoo answers?

Yahoo! Answers is a community-driven knowledge market website launched by Yahoo! on December 13, 2005 that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer asked questions from other users.[Wikipedia].

This can be a great tool to drive traffic to your website - by answering questions that are related to your web based business. You should not have your link to your website on every answer [the moderators from yahoo will see it as spam] but the more you establish yourself as a knowledgeable authority the more people will know you and eventually know your website.

It works like this:

The more quality answers that you provide the more points you get. For each answer you get 2 points. Answering questions and getting them starred are the most common way to get points [there are other ways].

You will start off at 'level one' - which means that you can only answer twenty questions a day, so choose your questions wisely. The more points you get the more levels you go up and that means you get to answer more questions on a daily basis.

How to get started?

First you will need to create an account with yahoo. It's very simple:

Then go to Yahoo answers:

Start researching topics/categories that are related to your business. If you want quality traffic then you should ONLY be answering questions related to your business or industry. If you are an expert on men's health and your website is about men's health chances are you'll find some Questions that are being posted by Yahoo Answers users that pertain to your niche, this is where you come in to show off your expertise.

Answering questions with high quality answers is already pre-selling to your potential customers, when people see you as the expert, when people see that you can provide a solution to their problem chances are they will become your loyal audience and who knows they just might end up becoming your loyal customers!

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