How to Wash and Clean Strawberries

skylark May 29, 2008 Food
Strawberries are a delicious fruit that can be eaten alone or added to many food dishes. Strawberries contain vitamin C and diatary fiber, are high is anti-oxidants which can help reduce the risk of cancers. When purchacing strawberries alway look for plump red ripe fruits; Strawberries will not ripen any further after picking. After purchasing strawberries, they should be cleaned and refrigerated to prevent early spoilage. Early spoilage often occurs from moisture. This tutorial will show you how to clean and refrigerate strawberries so they are ready to eat when you want them.

Purchase strawberries that are red and plump.

Wash and clean strawberries under cold running water.

Cut stems off strawberries and discard stems.

Discard any soft or mushy fruit.

Place a paper towel on a clean dry flat surface.

Place strawberries on the paper towel with cut sides down, leaving space

between them. Let strawberries air dry for a couple of hour until the cut side is dry

to the touch.

After drying, place a paper towel in a clean dry container.

Set strawberries in container with cut sides down on paper towel.

Continue placing strawberries in container until bottom layer of container is full.

Place any remaining strawberries in container with cut sides up, placing them in-

between strawberries on the bottom rows.

Place a tight fitting lid on the container and refrigerate. Strawberries will be

clean, chilled and ready to eat when you want them.

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Cathy Skelley on Feb 13, 2018
Most helpful.
Teri farquhar on Jun 23, 2017
very informative; I had no idea how to make them last!
Lisa on Nov 29, 2015
Maybe use a blow dryer set on 'cool' ??
nanan on Jun 11, 2015
why a couple of hours, i don't have that much time!