Learn Tea Making to Start a Tasty Business!

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Learn Tea Making to Start a Tasty Business! Shortly, you will understand that taste of tea drink changes with the way you make! Same tea leaf or dust and the very same sugar and milk will give you different tastes when you make differently! It is going to be a revelation for academicians in tea industry and a pleasant experience to tea lovers!


Fresh green tea leaves could simply be put in boiling water and the extract is consumed as such or with suitable additives! This seems to be too much a primitive recipe! However, tea has very many ways of expressing its taste to tea lovers of the world!


Processed tea leaves or dusts when come into contact with hot water or milk readily discharge the chemical constituents that give color, taste and flavor to the liquid. The tea extract thus taken is consumed in different ways.

Black Tea:

This raw liquor is taken with out any additive. The tea extract is sometimes taken with sugar alone. Some people wish to add sugar and milk in various propositions.

Lime Tea:

The raw black tea is mixed with sugar and a squeeze of lime juice gives a special taste that keeps you brisk for a long time!

Spice Tea:

A pinch of cardamom, cinnamon and clove powder is added to the raw tea while boiling. Sugar and milk added to taster’s choice.

Cocoa tea:

A pinch of cocoa powder is added to the tea made with milk and sugar to trigger your stamina!


Let us go to some interesting details about making of different kinds of tea drinks. We will enjoy their peculiar behavior in giving the color, taste, flavor and strength in different levels to make the tea lovers enjoy the varieties.

Tea making at different places differs! At home, tea is made thus:

a. Dust tea in ‘boiling water’:

1. Take about 200 m.l.of water in an aluminium saucepan and bring it to boiling. Now add a teaspoonful of tea dust and allow it to boil for about a minute. Stop boiling and close it with a lid. Decant or filter the golden liquor through a sieve.

2. This tea decoction is mixed with equal quantity of whole hot milk and about four teaspoonful of sugar to taste.

This will make 3 cups of hot refreshing tea!

b. Leaf tea in ‘boiling water’:

The same procedure is adopted for leaf tea also. Only thing needed is a little more of leaf tea and one minute extra boiling time to make a mild flavored tea drink with a special taste! Adding sugar and milk and their quantities are taster’s choice.

Leaf teas are bigger particles and they release tea liquor slowly. Even when boiled for an extra minute, still they will be mild in color, taste and flavor!

c. Dust or leaf tea in ‘boiling milk’:

Tea drink is made by boiling the tea dusts or leaves in whole or diluted milk for about 1 or 2 minutes.

The filtered milky decoction is added with required sugar. Here, the tea or dust required may be a little less as the milk fat adsorbs the taste giving materials quickly and fuller extent.

Here, you will feel a different taste!

In all the above tea making process, you will find the taste and color varying in strength, as the size of the tea particles and medium of extraction changes.

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i like this tutorial
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I love tea. These ingedents would be interesting to try. Thank you.