Make an Easy Guacamole

40skydiver May 22, 2010 Food
There are are endless recipes to make a great guacamole dip. Here is the quickest version yet.

Select ripe avacados.  Spring is the season for the ripe yummy California ones.

Purchase a salsa that you love.  Nataive Texan is a great brand if you do not already have your favorite.   Keep it medium for guest, go for the hot if you prefer. 

Cut and mash the avacados.  Then add the salsa to taste.  This is a very quick and easy recipe that you can easily improve.  

Try adding ranch dressing to your guacamole for a unique style and taste.  

Adding veggies is always a great twist.  Try out cilantro, onions, tomatoes and top with garlic. 

Refrigerate and add lemon juice to counter the darkening.  


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