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Using items already found in the refrigerator and with a preparation time of 5 minutes, kids will go crazy for this fun project!

Painting is a popular creative release for the young and old alike. Step it up a notch with edible paint. It is an inexpensive and exciting project for an afternoon, or many, of fun with your child without the worry of toxic chemicals found in other finger paints. With the following directions and you’ll spend less time preparing and more time painting!


1. Gather all the requirements for the project. They include: vanilla pudding, various Kool-Aid flavor packets, small plastic containers, a spoon, milk, a whisk, and paper.


2. Use store bought vanilla paint. Boxed pudding requires additional time and effort to prepare, the but ready – to – eat Jello cups work just as well.


3. Spoon the pudding into smaller cups to create smaller portions.


4. Add a packet of Kool-Aid to each cup to create different colors and flavors of paint. Use more or less of the Kool-Aid sugar to achieve your desired color.


5. Add milk in small increments to the cups to change the consistency, if desired. This is generally only necessary if the mixture is too congealed. Be cautious not too make the paint consistency to thin.


6. Stir the pudding and Kool-Aid mixture well. It takes, on average, a minute of stirring to ensure that the Kool-Aid is entirely mixed in.


Hang paper where you please and use brushes to create your own masterpiece.

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