Making Breakfast Burittos

Jay3000 Aug 7, 2007 Food
Delicious breakfast burrito tips.

To Start off you will need the following things:
Eggs - About 2 per person
Hot Sauce or Salsa
Mexican Spice Mix
Sausage (Optional)



If you use the sausage, i find its much much better to take off the skin around it and rip it up so you don't get the little circle things inside of your burrito when eating it. So take off the skin, rip up the meat and throw it into a frying pan to either be cooked, or just warmed up if already cooked

Next, crack the eggs into a bowl and add the mexican spice's i use some strange mix that is suppose to be a rub but it does the job fairly well, i have never made them without some sort of mexican spice mix but im sure it would be fine if you didnt have it

Then, throw in the cheese either grated or in pieces, i was out of pre-shredded cheese this morning so i had to use little bricks of it but normally i find the best is the pre-grated nacho cheese mix, then whip up the eggs

The next step is up for your discretion, i like my food really hot so i use a lot of hot sauce but like stated above you can use salsa too, im not a huge fan of tomatoes or onions so i just use this asian chili sauce that does the job

Then throw everything into the pan you had the sausage cooking/warming up in, and cook it just like you would if you were making scrambled eggs

Then throw it on some tortilla's and enjoy the breakfast you have just made

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MailGuy on Sep 14, 2012
Bad Tutorial. Very Boring....
Heather on Jul 27, 2008
This was excellent step by step instruction. My 10 year old who loves to cook could understand and see by the pictures that the recipe was turning out right....Great! Tastes great also.
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