Maplestory Warrior Guide

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The guide that will lead you through the first job of warriors


Create a character

So now you have started an account of MapleStory and want to make a Warrior.


  • At the create a character screen, pick a name that you want your character to be named.
  • Next roll the dice so your stats look something like this:
    STR: X
    DEX: X
    INT: 4 or 5
    LUK: 4 or 5
  • You may have to roll for a while before you get what you want. X can be anything.
  • Now you can change the look of your character and what weapon you want. Every time you level you will get 5 Ability Points. DEX should always be at least twice your level. Everything else goes into STR.  By the time you get to lvl 10, you should have at least 35 STR.

Maple Island

Now you are on Maple Island. This is where everyone starts.


  • Go do the quests at the very beginning. Try to go to level 4 before starting on snails. By then your STR should be pretty high.
  • You will have beginner skills. You can look at them if you press K. The three skills are Nimble Feet, Three Snails and HP Recovery.
  • Every time you level you will receive one Skill Point (SP).
  • You should put the points in whatever you feel like. Here is a build if you are not sure:
    Hp Recovery: 3 (Maxed)
    Nimble Feet: 3 (Maxed)
    Three Snails: 0
    The reason for this is that you will be able to do a lot of damage and do not need Three Snails. So just put it into the other stuff.

Victoria Island

When you are level 10 and ready to go on, get on the ship to Victoria Island. The cost is something like 150 mesos.


  • You will come in at Lith Harbor.
  • In Lith Harbor talk to Olaf. Once you are done go to Perion
  • Now to become a can either take the cab to Perion (fastest) or you can walk there.
  • Once in Perion go to the top of the map and go inside the building Shrine of Warriors. Talk with Dance With Balrog. Your HP and MP will increase and you will get 1 Skill Point (SP). To use it, press K and you skills should come up. Put it into Power Strike.
  • Now bring up the keyboard. Click on the skill Power Strike and move it to a key that is comfortable to your reach.



  • This is for the typical Warrior
  • 10: 1 Power Strike
  • 11: 3 Improving HP Recovery
  • 12: 2 Improving HP Recovery, 1 Max HP Increase
  • 13: 3 Max HP Increase
  • 14: 3 Max HP Increase
  • 15: 3 Max HP Increase
  • 16: 3 Power Strike
  • 17: 3 Power Strike
  • 18: 3 Power Strike
  • 19: 3 Slash Blast
  • 20: 3 Slash Blast
  • 21: 3 Slash Blast
  • 22: 1 Slash Blast, 2 Save
  • 23: 3 Save
  • 24: 3 Save
  • 25: 10 Power Strike, 1 Save
  • 26: 3 Save
  • 27: 3 Save
  • 28: 10 Slash Blast
  • 29: 3 Endure
  • 30: 3 Endure

Future Fighters should put the last 3 into Iron Body. This is the approximate to cancel the effect of Fury. You should max HP Increase as soon as possible to get the maximum HP amount. If you want to mob monsters you can switch Power Strike and Slash Blast so you max the latter first.


This build is for those that want more Iron Body. It is not recommended because you don't max the vital skills Power Strike and Slash Blast.


  • 10: 1 Power Strike
  • 11: 3 Improving HP Recovery
  • 12: 2 Improving HP Recovery, 1 Max HP Increase
  • 13: 3 Max HP Increase
  • 14: 3 Max HP Increase
  • 15: 3 Max HP Increase
  • 16: 3 Endure
  • 17: 3 Power Strike
  • 18: 3 Power Strike
  • 19: 3 Power Strike
  • 20: 1 Power Strike, 2 Slash Blast
  • 21: 3 Slash Blast
  • 22: 3 Slash Blast
  • 23: 2 Slash Blast, 1 Iron Body
  • 24: 3 Iron Body
  • 25: 3 Iron Body
  • 26: 3 Iron Body
  • 27: 3 Iron Body
  • 28: 3 Iron Body
  • 29: 3 Iron Body
  • 30: 2 Iron Body, 1 anything you want


Here are some places to train. If you feel you are stronger or weaker than the suggested monster, then move up or down.


  • Level 10-15: Slimes, Orange Mushrooms, Stumps.
  • Level 16-20: Slimes are still good, you can start on Pigs, Orange Mushrooms, Dark Stumps.
  • Level 21-25: You could PQ but no one will want you yet. Pigs, Ribbon Pigs, Axe Stumps, Dark Stumps, Green Mushrooms, Octopus.
  • Level 26-30: PQ is a very good option, Axe Stumps, Dark Axe Stumps, Horny Mushrooms, Green Mushrooms, Octopus, Boars.

The Job Advancement

Now that you are level 30 you get to move on to the second job. Warriors can choose from Page, Fighter or Spearman. Pages use Swords or Blunt weapons. Fighters use Swords or Axes. Spearmen use Spears or Pole arms.

Spearmen do tons of damage and have high HP. Fighters do more stable damage than Spearmen and have more MP. Pages are the most stable and use more magic abilities in the third job.

With all this in mind, choose wisely.

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Jason on Dec 19, 2019
have a look at
Mapledude on Dec 19, 2019
Great I thought maplestory m is great
taykiaxcool on Mar 3, 2011
i dont think thats a good tutorial i was crap with that, its why i start with another job
DivingSpear on Feb 28, 2010
Nice Guide, but some stuff was weird. I'm a LV.95 Dragon Knight. And I don't think you need to save SP. o.o
Kain 709 on May 18, 2009
Um you mixed up spearman and fighter. Fighters have more hp and Spearman have more mp.
MSwarrior on Sep 19, 2008
Dude, this is like tottaly crap. Sperman do more max damage and less min damage but fighters wins in overall damage because of rage. Spearman are the ones who have the more mp and fighters have the most hp.
Smileyguy on Sep 11, 2008
REALLY GOOD! Pretty helpful, though the training bit does seem a bit OBVIOUS .Well reasoned though as i mentioned, slightly obvious. Good for beginners who have NO idea at what they're doing.Doesn't have any Quest help though!
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