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Myachi is a new innovation that combines the hacky sack and martial arts. You can also collect, trade, and jam with them.
Myachi - The Original Hand sack
The Hand Sack

Myachi (pronounced mee-ah-chee) is a fairly recent invention that has come on to the toy scene. It is comparable to

the yo-yo, Frisbee, and of course, the hacky sack. The Myachi has also been deemed the, "evolution of the foot bag meets martial arts." It is a sack of various fabrics and materials (i.e. suede, corduroy, denim) that is filled with sand called the, "Secret Sauce," which is defined by the Myachi people as, "a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of somethin' somethin' else." For people who like to collect, Myachi has different series that allow collectors to trade their Myachis to each other for ones they do not have. Also, the people at Myachi stopped production of some models as to create a rarity scale and make it a more rewarding experience to trade.
The Origin

Myachi was invented by Steven Ochs at Vanderbilt University. Ochs or Myachi Man as he is also known was sitting in his

dorm room with his friends flipping a lighter around on the back of their hands. Eventually, Ochs stitched an old wallet on to the lighter and the first Myachi was created. The name, "Myachi," was coined by Ochs when he though of Mr. Miyagi from Karate Kid combined with Tai Chi, thus it was named the Myachi. After he realized how fun this new toy he invented was, he decided to research the Frisbee and Yo-yo to see how they succeeded as toys. Now that Ochs had some research, he began designing and creating more Myachis. After about 10,000 Myachis were sewn with his friend's sewing machine, the Myachi toy began its life. Ochs later joined with Big Dog, Crazy Ivan, Kid Myach, and Butter to create the, "Grand Masters," who are considered the best at jamming with the Myachi.
The Basic Rules

1. No palms allowed. This means the Myachi may not be caught with either of the palms or touching either of the palms at anytime. (The only exception to this rule is if the Myachi is in danger of getting lost or damaged, then the Myachi may be caught with the palms).
2. Mainly played on the backside of the fingers of the Jammer. Can be played from anywhere except for the palms.
3. If the Myachi hits the ground then the trick does not count. Myachi must be caught without using the palms.
4. The Jammer must absorb the Myachi. The Jammer should not bat or hit the Myachi. The Jammer may kick and stall the Myachi, however.
5. Include everyone. Everyone can play Myachi, so do not exclude anyone from the fun.
6. STWAKOJ - An Acronym for Spread The Word And Keep On Jamming. This is self-explanatory, but means tell everyone you know about Myachi, and keep on jamming around with your Myachi.
7. Most Importantly: Have Fun. Do not forget to have fun with the Myachi.

Some Tricks

1. Cradle

* Hold the Myachi in the Lotus Position (see glossary).
* Bend your elbow.
* Without the Myachi moving from your hand, Move the Myachi towards your shoulder.
* Make sure your twist your hand so your palm almost touches your shoulder.
* Now bring the Myachi back towards the starting position.

2. Cold Fusion

* Hold the Myachi in the Lotus Position.
* Take the opposite hand of the hand holding your Myachi and cross it over your Myachi hand.
* Your wrists should now be crossing with the hand with the Myachi a little lower than the hand without it.
* Now toss the Myachi straight up and catch it with the opposite hand.
* Repeat the same directions for the other hand.
* Try to do it continuously without dropping it.
* A variation of Cold Fusion would be to try to do it without looking (i.e. closing your eyes).

3. 360°

* Hold the Myachi in the Lotus Position.
* Toss the Myachi up into the air.
* Take the hand that just threw the Myachi and make a vertical circle around the Myachi.
* As your hand comes under the Myachi, catch it and keep on jamming.
* This trick is mostly used in combination with other tricks to spice things up.
* For more tricks, check out the links area.

Some Games to Play


* The exact same rules as PIG or HORSE, but with a Myachi
* If you do not know what PIG or HORSE is then here is a quick overview:
* You call out a move that you will attempt
* If you complete the move without it falling to the ground or without doing a different move, then you give the next person a turn.
* They must complete an equally difficult move or the same move without failing.
* If they fail, then they gain a letter.
* You keep adding a letter until the word MYACH or MYACHI is spelled.
* The object of the game is to complete all of your moves and not have the word spelled.

2. High Toss

* I would recommend not using your favorite or best Myachi for this game as there is a possibility of losing your Myachi due to damage from falling.
* The object of the game is to toss the Myachi the highest and catch it without it falling to the ground.
* The person with the highest toss wins

3. Best Trick

* The object of this game is to try to score points by making the best trick without failing.
* Whoever completes the best trick or combination or tricks (optional), then they are the victor.


Jammer - Person who is jamming (see Jamming)

Jamming - Playing or doing tricks with a Myachi hand sack

Lotus Position - When the Myachi is on the back of your fingers

Myachi - Hand sack created by Steven Ochs

Stall - Having the Myachi land on a body part and stay there, without moving

Finger Knugz - Little gripping rings for your fingers to help grip the Myachi

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