Old timer catfish bait

jamesh23 May 22, 2010 Hobbies
A lot of old timers use to make this bait and fish with it, they would catch their limit within an hours time or so the story goes, read on to learn the bait.

This bait has been used for ages, people use to make this bait at home since back in the 1920's. It is proven to catch catfish and it does a darn good job at it. I recommend using a treble hook to keep the bait on, or even using panty hose.

 WARNING: This bait really smells bad due to the cheese and meat after a few days, I am not responsible for any bowls that are left unusable.

The Bait: ingredients

1 carton of limburger cheese

1/2 pound of ground hamburger meat

a box of wheaties

1/2 can of beer ( doesnt matter what kind)

garlic powder

chicken liver blood from one or two containers

SECRET INGREDIENT: 1 can of longcut copenhagen, id rather use grizzly straight though its cheaper and id chew the longcut myself ha ha.

 Now to put it all together

1. Grab a decently large bowl

2. mix limburger cheese and hamburger meet together

3. cover this mixture with garlic powder and mix in the 1/2 can of beer

4. add the chicken liver blood

5. dump in your can of chew

6. mix in your wheaties or cornflakes till the bait is good and thick

7. put in a containter, a coffee can works great

8. now for the stinkiest part, set the can outside in a hot area that gets a lot of sun for 2-3 days and then go fishing! good luck

 I always catch with this bait, and I hope you will too, remember to use treble hooks.


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